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RAGE Fitness – Overview, News & Competitors

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Rage Fitness is manufactured on sweat, passion, sacrifice, and some of the planet’s most challenging and most durable functional fitness equipment. However, RAGE stands for explosive force, raging intensity, and burning desire; our products prove it daily. We fuel the passion and intensity of people who lift weights, run, and more. And then start all over again to push their sporting limits, achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Purpose of Rage Fitness


We fuel the passion and intensity of people who lift, jump, push, kick, run, climb, grab, twist, flip, endure, sweat, and recover, then do it again to push their athletic limits, achieve their goals and improve their lives. Rage burst into retail in 2012 and has become the definitive, authentic, accessible, functional fitness brand in specialty sporting goods and fitness retail chains. We believe in sharing RAGE in a healthy, safe, and rude way.

If you’re looking for industrial-grade, multi-functional fitness equipment to help you conquer any adventure or obstacle life throws, Rage is it.

Rage Fitness Equipment’s, Accessories and Storage


Our fabricated bars are made from heat-treated steel for stress relief. As a result, the Rage dumbbells provide the right stretch and high tensile strength.

  • 47″ EZ Curl Bar
  • Invictus 2.0 Bearing Barbell
  • 6′ Training Barbell
  • Phoenix 2.0 Bushing Barbell
  • Elevation 2.0 Bushing Barbell
  • Spring Collars

Bumper & Plates

For the athlete who assumes nothing but the highest quality gear. RAGE guards and plates are made from the highest quality rubber materials so that they can take more punishment with high-intensity use in every fitness warrior’s training routine.

  • Olympic Bumpers – Black/White


Perfect for your weightlifting gear, these handy, easy-to-assemble storage racks are impeccably strong and built to last

  • Medicine Ball Rack “3 tier, “4 tier, “5 tier
  • Vertical Bumper Stand
  • Bumper Tree
  • Horizontal Bumper Rack
  • Bumper Stand
  • Floor Barbell Holder on and built to last.

Kettlebells & Dumbbells

For the athlete who assumes nothing but the highest quality gear. Whether you are working out for the Olympics or outfitting your home gym

  • Kettlebell – Powder Coated
  • Hex Rubber Dumbbells

Benches & Racks

For the athlete who assumes nothing but the highest quality gear.

  • Flat Bench
  • Squat Rack


Our fabricated sled is made from heat-treated steel for stress relief. As a result, Rage fitness provides R2 Pull Sled

Strength Equipment

RAGE strength equipment will convert the backbone of your exercise routines. In addition, we all produce excellent feature quality to ensure you have a product that can withstand years of high-intensity training.

  • 47″ EZ Curl Bar
  • Flat Bench
  • R2 Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar
  • Squat Rack
  • Sand Bags
  • 36 lb Adjustable Weighted Vest
  • R2 Pull Sled
  • Peg Board


Complete your workout with RAGE mobility gear. Our products will help you get in shape before and after your enhanced workout. From therapy kits to muscle grinders, RAGE has all the bases covered.

  • Gibson Stall Bars
  • Mobility Ball


Get back to your routine faster with the RAGE Recovery Kit. All our products will help relieve stress, stiffness, and muscle tension.

  • Recovery Roller
  • Athletic Tape

Strength Training Accessories

RAGE strength training accessories are the perfect addition to any exercise routine. It will meet the needs of all fitness warriors, from handles to muscle straps to collars that hold your lift securely.

  • Spring Collars
  • Athletic Tape
  • Hospital Grade Germicidal Equipment Sanitizer
  • Chalk Ball
  • Block Chalk
  • Bar Strap + Quick Link
  • Pull-Up Assist
  • 36 lb Adjustable Weighted Vest
  • J Cups
  • Peg Board

Rage Fitness Conditioning Equipment

Plyo Boxes

Check out our variety of functional conditioning equipment, which is a great option for your home gym or fitness center. RAGE plyo boxes are very popular with trainers and gyms needing the best conditioning products.

  • Steel Plyo Boxes
  • 3 in 1 Wood Plyo Box
  • Stackable Plyo Boxes
  • Wooden Puzzle Plyo Box
  • Soft Plyo Cube

Slam Balls & Medicine Balls

RAGE Slam Balls and Medicine Balls deliver the ultimate conditioning skill for the warrior athlete. Our equipment is made from the highest superiority rubber, allowing you to increase your explosive power with self-contained equipment.

  • Slam Balls
  • 10″ Light Medicine Ball
  • 14″ Medicine Ball
  • Performance Medicine Ball
  • 14″ Ballistic Medicine Ball
  • Atlas Soft Stone


RAGE Fitness offers the most options for gymnastic ring sets: competition, recreation, and home use.

  • Ring Sets
  • Rings


RAGE conditioning ropes will enhance the athlete, whether training for recreational Fitness, the Olympics, or professional gym use. Hence rage ropes will enhance the life of the fitness warrior.

  • Manila Climbing Rope
  • Polydac Climbing Rope
  • R2 Training Rope
  • Gibson Quick Links
  • I-Beam Clamp
  • Gibson Truss and Beam Clamp
  • Polydac Conditioning Rope – 1.5″ 40′ & 50′

Resistance Bands

Ideal for strength training, mobility, and functional movement assistance, resistance bands are one of the most versatile sports equipment. Existing in four different sizes, fitness enthusiasts can vary the amount of strength based on personal preference and fitness goals.

  • 5mm thick
  • Resistance force varies by band
  • Ideal for strength training, mobility, and functional movement assistance.
  • Works the upper body unilaterally and bilaterally to improve strength, endurance, tone, coordination, and flexibility.
  • Sold separately

Cardio Equipment

For the athlete who seeks to push the limits of their snap muscle reflexes and polish the edges of each workout, RAGE Conditioning Equipment will satisfy the need of every fitness warrior.

  • Assault Bike
  • R2 Pull Sled
  • Resistance Bands

Gym Starter Kits

Do you not know where to start? We’ve combined some of our best gear into several packages perfect for any beginner or trained professional.


Rage Fitness is a family business in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to building the best gym and fitness equipment on the market. We are sewists, carpenters, welders, painters, and warehouse professionals. It provides the strongest, most durable functional fitness equipment.

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