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Fitness: Definition, Factors, and Types

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General fitness is part of overall health. This means having a healthy body weight and the ability to easily perform physical activities without tiring. Specific fitness is opposed to this form of fitness. Instead, it refers to a person’s ability to master specific levels in a sport.

Fitness for weight loss and maintenance is considered general because it can consist of different physical activities to achieve health. General physical training combines activities that provide overall toning and cardiovascular benefits. For example, biking or swimming at a moderate pace gets your heart racing and increases oxygen throughout your body. These exercises also tone and strengthen the body in a general and comprehensive way. Building muscle, such as lifting weights or working out, is also considered general fitness.

What is General Fitness Called?

Fitness is a state of health and comfort and, more precisely, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations, and daily activities. Physical fitness is usually achieved through good nutrition, moderate to vigorous physical exercise, adequate rest, and a formal recovery plan.

Importance of General Fitness

Regular physical movement can increase your muscle strength and increase your endurance. In addition, exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to tissues and helps the cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health develops, you have more energy to complete everyday tasks.

Examples of General Fitness

Examples include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, and bicycling. Strength exercises, or resistance training, build muscle. Some examples are lifting weights and exhausting a resistance band. Finally, balance exercises can make it at ease to walk on rough surfaces and help prevent falls.

What Type of Training is General Fitness?

What Type of Training is General Fitness_

General physical training can be defined as a scientifically based and orderly training program to offer the athlete the simple means to adapt to the physical load met through controlled exercise. Adaptation begins by exposing the body to a physical load through controlled exercise.

General Fitness Training Program

The General Fitness training program offers a well-balanced progressive strength training program that improves all of the most important metrics, including strength, endurance, muscle growth, and the cardiovascular system.

Important Components Physical Training Program:

  • Holistic training for well-balanced strength: Full-body training involves training all muscle groups as evenly as possible. The goal is to prevent muscle imbalances or to level out muscle imbalances already present in the body.
  • The slow increase in strength training intensity: To begin with, strength and resistance training is used to activate muscles and tendons and make joints more flexible. Then the intensity slowly increases as the program continues.
  • Resistance training to improve the cardiovascular system: You need to train more than your muscles: the cardiovascular system is also extremely important for your health. Targeted resistance training maintains the health of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels and significantly reduces the risk of disease.
  • Conventional training programs designed to improve overall fitness typically recommend resistance-strength training (20 reps and 3-6 sets), followed by a separate training session. However, this is time overwhelming and does not provide effective variations in training stimuli.
  • A modern training approach with periodization and innovative methods: circuit training.
  • The circuit promotes consistent muscle growth while optimizing the cardiovascular system.

Stages of the General Fitness Training Program


Regular training creates the initial basis for further progress in training. Low intensity and a high amount of repetitions activate the muscles, improve the supply of vital resources, and make the joints more flexible. In addition, the ordered method is particularly good for training the cardiovascular system.

High-Speed Strength

Explosive training targets Fast Twitch Type IIb muscle fibers by combining maximum speed with moderate weight. Train your body to react quickly to everyday scenarios like tripping or stepping off a curb you haven’t seen. Increasing strength and agility begins with the nervous system, and the Explonic training method trains the nervous system to respond immediately to changes in its physical environment.

The proprioceptors in your joints and muscles become more sensitive to disturbances in your balance, which improves your ability to react and thus reduces the risk of injury in the event of a fall.


The main objective of the negative training method is to strengthen the musculature. As a general rule: your muscles can exert more force in the eccentric (lowering) phase than in the concentric (raising) phase. The negative training technique takes advantage of this. Adding extra weight in the eccentric phase of the movement puts more strain on your muscles and increases your strength.


In the last step, we use the explonic training method. This is the fastest training phase. The progress made in the previous phases helps us master the fast pace. Next, using the cutting-edge explosive training method, we help your muscles turn the strength you’ve gained into speed. Again, this is very useful, no matter who you are. Some practical applications include preventing falls by quickly activating leg muscles or preventing loss of performance during sports as you age.

The General Fitness training program, performed on our training devices, combines four effective training methods in one program. By joining different training stimuli, you improve more than your daily abilities; you also increase your fundamental well-being. This is how strength training improves your overall fitness.


As defined, general fitness includes incorporating a healthy and nutritious diet, physical activity, relaxation, and mental constancy and well-being into one’s mode of daily life.

Since the words “general fitness” include such a broad concept, virtually anyone can determine which approach best facilitates their achievement of a healthy lifestyle. Most people have some perception of what “getting healthy” entails.

While many of these common-sense perceptions are valid, there are many less obvious ways to improve your overall fitness. This website is intend to provide several different tips, articles, and approaches that can be immediately implement into virtually any lifestyle, regardless of age and current health.