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How to do eyeliner like an E-girl?

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Eyeliner looks eGirl

Eyeliner Looks eGirl: Everything about E Girls (E-Girls⁠), their fancy clothes, neon stripes, and soft blush,⁠ is undeniably cool. However, everyone knows about one of the most iconic parts of the e-girl aesthetic…the winged Eyeliner! If you’re an e-girl ready to complete the look, it’s all with your sleek and dramatic winged Eyeliner to impress!

What is an eGirl?

What is an eGirl_

The term eGirl or electronic girl talks to girls who are avid internet users, primarily fans of anime and games. eGirl was initially used as a derogatory term for stereotypical girls who were thought to create this persona solely for attention on predominantly male gaming sites. This period has evolved into a subculture of bold, edgy women with strong emo and punk vibes.

Aesthetically, eGirl makeup includes bold, eye-catching eye makeup with dramatic Eyeliner looks eGirl, lots of blush, and fake freckles. The cute yet quirky makeup look is influenced by makeup styles often portrayed in anime and K-pop.

How to Do eGirl Eyeliner

Drawing the Wings

With a fine tip, grab the black liquid eyeliner: Liquid eyeliners come in the form of pencils and help you get that sharp, smooth wing — they allow you to be precise and draw shorter lines than other types of Eyeliner.

Try a gel eyeliner if you want more control over the result⁠: you can choose the size of the brush. The intensity of the color, and the thickness of the line. Remember that gel liner may not be as precise because they are thicker and creamier⁠.

For a softer look, try a black or dark brown pencil liner⁠. Pencil eyeliner is also less harsh than liquid Eyeliner. Make sure your skin doesn’t react badly to the Eyeliner if you have sensitive skin.

Use a controller to achieve even wings: Find a somewhat straight, like a pencil or ruler, to mark the angle you want before you draw the rest of the wings. Hold your guide against your face to form a line starting at the side of your nose and reaching the outer edge of your eyebrow. Follow the instructions at the corner of the eye and draw a small line with the Eyeliner to mark the angle. Repeat on the other eye.

This step is possible but makes your wings more likely to match.

Draw the lowest line of the wing: Hold the liner at the corner of your eye and draw a straight line at a flat angle, sloping upwards. It would help if you achieved no exact angle, but you can try using the downward angle of your eyebrow as a position by mirroring the upward angle.

Try starting the line slightly below the corner of your eye for a larger wing. Place your elbow on a smooth surface if your hand shakes.

Extend the line as far as you want: The further you draw the line, the bigger and more spectacular your final wing will be. There is no detailed guide⁠ ; you will need to customize your E-Girl Eyeliner to suit your personal preferences⁠⁠. Experiment with different lengths to catch out which one works your look best!

Complete the wing outline: Start at the top of the first line and draw another straight line opposite your eyelid. Your line should end in the middle of your upper lid. Repeat on your other eye. At this point, you should have vacant triangular outlines extending from both eyes.

Fill in the Extensions with Eyeliner: Hold your Eyeliner at the wing tip and fill in the triangular outline stroke by stroke by moving or swiping the Eyeliner from the wing tip inward toward your eye. Continue until the outline is darkened and filled in. Repeat on the other eye. Keep a light hand for maximum control!

If you want to erase the mistakes more efficiently. You can first draw the wing’s contour with a pencil liner and then fill it in with the liquid liner after it has cured perfectly.

Clean the edges of the wings with a rag or washcloth: If the bottom lines of your wings look messy, now is the time to smooth them out! Take a rag or makeup remover wipe and place it on your index finger. Hold your index finger below your eye where the bottom of the wing begins. Make dragging gestures under the wing, following the wing’s angle outwards and up to clean up the line and make it smooth and crisp. Repeat on the other eye. This can also slightly lengthen the wing tip.

Accentuating the Look

Draw on the lower lashes to intensify the look: Hold the same eyeliner pencil at the bottom of the outer corner of the eye and sweep down and out to draw a small line. This line will serve as your first bottom lash! Then draw over the rest of the bottom lashes, leaving a small space between each one. Make each line shorter as you go inward, adding more lines until you reach the inner corner of the eye. Repeat on the other eye. Your lashes don’t have to be flawlessly spaced or drawn!

Draw the bottom waterline with a white pencil liner: Hold the pencil at the bottom outer corner of your eye and also use your other hand to gently pull down your eye to reveal the waterline. Draw a white line inward to cover the waterline completely. You don’t have to extend the white line past your eyes or onto your wings. The liner makes your eyes look bigger and brighter, and the white helps them stand out even more!

Give your eyes the finishing touch. Blend a little black eyeshadow on your drawn bottom lashes to soften things and hide flaws. Then apply thick black mascara and false lashes to make your eyes look more significant and dramatic.

Draw unique graphics with Eyeliner to emphasize your personality: Use your Eyeliner to dot the freckles and draw cool, decorative shapes – hearts and stars are popular, but you can try diamonds, teardrops, or even things like fruits and butterflies!


First, we had the girls from VSCO. Then the babies from Instagram, and now the latest makeup trend to take over social media is eGirl eyeliner makeup. Whether you’re hearing about it for the first time, or you’ve admired eyeliner looks eGirl  and were dying to try it for yourself, we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you need to know about this edgy makeup trend that’s taken the digital world by storm.

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