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Unite Fitness – Shape Your Life with Unite’s HIIT Workout Program

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Unite Fitness is the most efficient & effective group workout that combines cardio, strength & recovery to give you everything you need, every time. Unite Fitness is a Gym/fitness center. The best HIIT training program to boost your ambition. Try our group, individual, or on-demand training. Release your power, train like an athlete, and transmute your body in the first premium HIIT workout program

Purpose of Unite Fitness

Unite Fitness together to work hard, feel strong and empowered, and let go.

Unite classes are aimed at athletes and beginners and are designed to help everyone achieve their health and fitness goals. In a fun group setting, you’ll propel yourself through safe, simple, and effective HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) functional strength movements. The music is on, the energy is on, and all that’s missing is YOU!

Unite Fitness and Weight Loss Complex

Unite Fitness and Weight Loss Complex

Mind and Body Approach

At Unite, we do more than exercise. We understand that you need to change your thoughts for new habits to stick. It all starts with being pleasant, mindful, and aware of our body/mind connection.

Never More than 30 Guests

Unite Fitness will keep our class sizes small so you get the care and focus you need. No two persons are the same. We work with you individually and modify the program to suit your needs.

Hands-On Educational Classes

Hands-on education is far more effective (and fun) than sitting in a lecture hall for hours of “learning.” So we host daily “Lunches and Learns” with wellness experts, participate in cooking classes, and even have lunch on the town to show you how to make this new lifestyle work in the “real world.”

100% All-Inclusive Program (Really, it is!)

Unite is one of the only truly all-inclusive programs in the world. You can leave your money at home. Did you know that most camps charge extra for personal training, education, and cooking classes? In addition, our prices are simple and without hidden costs.

Long Term Wellness, Simplified

For over a decade, we’ve been blessed to help thousands of amazing people transform their health. We focus on real results with long-term well-being in mind. Our program is based on years of the collective experience and scientific advice to ensure weight and inches are lost safely and sustainably. Plus, we use the latest technology with our Unite app, which helps you track your daily progress in real-time while you’re at camp and home.

What Makes Unite Fitness Retreat so Awesome?

What Makes Unite Fitness Retreat so Awesome_

We are joined by adults from all cultures and around the world. From New York to Montana, Texas to London, and everywhere. The beauty of our fitness camp is how we come together to be fit and healthy. As a result, strong friendships and strong bodies are built. Please look at some of our amazing guests and their inspiring transformations.

Our Assessment Process Includes:

  • Medical background
  • Abdominal plank test
  • Flexibility, balance, and endurance tests
  • Resting blood pressure
  • Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Full body measurements
  • Waist size
  • Lester
  • Lean muscle mass test
  • body mass index test
  • Weekly weighing and measurements

Structured and Modified Fitness Training

The small group environment at Unite will allow for more personalized attention resulting in accelerated progress. This allows you to lose the maximum amount of weight in the safest way possible. In addition, you’ll never get lost in the confusion of Unite. If you don’t join the group in the morning, expect a friendly call or text to sign up.

While attending Unite Fitness and Weight Loss Camp, your days will be spent on various exercises ranging from boot site style workouts, group fitness classes at the gym, and outdoor recreation in a small dynamic group. You’ll challenge yourself with a fitness experience like no other. We demonstrate and teach the fundamentals of exercise so you’re protected from injury on your fitness journey.

  • Highly personalized program based on your current fitness level and goals
  • A structured and pre-planned daily program consisting of approximately 5-7 hours of daily exercise (don’t stress, we provide breaks and rejuvenation throughout the day)
  • Intense high-impact physical training and low-impact physical training (beginner and moderate)
  • Indoor and outdoor training Discover our fitness classes
  • Daily hikes every afternoon in our stunning nearby mountain ranges

We use the latest technology and scientific info associated with health, exercise science, education, and nutrition to help you accomplish weight loss results as effectively and safely as possible. You will train in an award-winning gym, using state-of-the-art training equipment. Your certified trainers will work with you individually and in small groups to maximize your calorie burn and also help you study the basics with gym equipment and weights.

Delicious Healthy Food & Nutritional Education

For your internal fitness program to succeed, you need to combine it with proper nutrition. You focus on lean proteins, vegetables and fruits in season, and also fats that reduce inflammation. The Unite eating plan is all almost nutrients, balance, and also blood sugar stabilization.

Understanding your special dietary needs and how to maintain a healthy diet long-term are tools you’ll learn at Unite.

  • Enjoy fresh, nutritious meals prepared by a chef with caloric intake personalized by your BMR
  • Daily protein metabolism reset shake and two snacks
  • Daily educational “lunch and learn” classes
  • Inspiring guest speakers
  • cooking demonstrations
  • EAT SMART at healthy local restaurants
  • meal planning at home
  • Recipes of your meals in the camp
  • Grocery store visits and shopping tips

Add a Healthy Amount of Mindfulness, Rejuvenation, & Mental Resetting

Add a Healthy Amount of Mindfulness, Rejuvenation, & Mental Resetting

We associate advanced wellness policies at Unite Fitness Retreat with working mindfulness. We also trust that reviving our bodies and handling stress is as important as eating healthy and exercising. Therefore, we offer relaxing and sports massages, spa rejuvenation, mindfulness training, and also stress management techniques.

At Unite, we want you to experience optimal wellness in all areas of your life. Hence this is your chance to take the time to focus on yourself and also make lasting changes to your lifestyle.

  • Daily conscious movements and stretches
  • Private life coaching
  • mindfulness training
  • Breath work and sound healing
  • Daily time in nature
  • Emotional eating, binge eating, body image, self-esteem lessons (to name a few)

Three Services to Fuel Your Ambition

  • Group Training
  • Personal Training
  • On-Demand

Group Training

Endurance Month: Longer Cardio Intervals, like lower weight, Higher reps, Stability, and also balance exercise.

 Strengthen Month: Shorter Cardio Intervals, like heavy weights, moderate reps, and also essential strength exercises.

Power Month: Short and explosive intervals, like lower reps, moderate weights, and also athletic metabolic exercises.

55 Min fitness classes the unite workout

  • 25-minute cardio intervals Run or ride to the beat.
  • 25 Mins HIIT Strength Functional and Targeted.
  • 05 minutes of recovery Relaxing mobility.
  • Authentic and also motivating coaches lead them.
  • Moderate class size of 22 people.
  • Complete and practical course schedule.

Staffed and stacked studio Amenities

  • Front Desk Support
  • Cardio Equipment Cleaning
  • Towel Service
  • Showers & Luxury Bath Products
  • Electronic Day Lockers
  • Water Fill Station
  • Branded Apparel

Personal Training

Ready to get motivated and fit?

  • Our trainers set goals and inspire more effort.
  • We will get you in the finest shape of your life.

Train in Unite if you want

  • A coach is chosen for you
  • A more isolated setting than a gym floor
  • A holistic fitness and also wellness culture


Engaging coaches and suitable on-demand Access, the finest strength HIIT workouts anywhere

  • More cardio, strength, and recovery exercises:
  • Conveyor belt
  • Cycling
  • Whole body
  • ABS
  • yoga
  • Lesson lengths from 10 to 50 minutes to fit your schedule


Regular physical activity can improve an individual’s physical health, cognitive routine, and psychological well-being. Physical aids include, but are not limited to, reduced risk of disease and also improved physical functioning, Fitness, and overall quality of life. The literature supports a link between exercise and cognitive benefits related to academic performance, brain function, and aging. The emotional benefits from physical action are linked to improved mood and confidence, as well as possible discounts in stress, anxiety, and despair.

Strong scientific evidence specifies that adopting a regimen of bodily activity can have a positive influence on health. However, people respond to exercise differently and may face unique challenges and barriers to starting and maintaining an exercise program. Once they can engage in behavior modification strategies to improve physical activity. Helpful strategies include: identifying personally perceived barriers to physical activity, increasing self-efficacy, effective goal setting, planning for setbacks, and also self-monitoring progress.