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No-Nonsense Beauty With Deborah Chase

The No-Nonsense Beauty Blog: The Ageless Sisters would like to thank Deb Chase for taking the time to chat with us today. Jackie and I appreciate the no-nonsense tips for anti-ageing she shared with our listeners and us!

Here are Deb’s three no-nonsense tips for anti-ageing:

  1. Sun Protection – Beauty Balm (BB Cream) lightly tinted foundation with high levels of SPF that works on an array of complexions.
  2. Diet – High amounts of protein, fibre, vitamin c, and linoleic acid(helps fight wrinkles)
  3. Avoiding smoking and alcohol because it destroys collagen and increases inflammation

No-Nonsense Beauty Blog

Deborah Chase is a health and beauty writer whose 12 books include The No-Nonsense Beauty Book (Knopf), Fruit Acids for Fabulous Skin ( St Martin’s Press, and The Extend Your Life Diet ( Pocket Books).

A native New Yorker, Deb went to Bronx High School of Science and graduated with a degree in journalism from New York University. She has worked in medical research at the National Cancer Institute and NYU School of Medicine, where she was part of one of the first teams to study Retin A and ageing.

She founded The No-Nonsense Beauty Blog in 2010 to explore different anti-ageing options and separate skincare facts from science fiction.

Deb is married to Mount Sinai pulmonologist Neil Schachter. She has two daughters and three grandchildren. She is an enthusiastic foodie and history buff and relaxes by trolling flea markets and refinishing vintage furniture.

No-Nonsense Beauty Blog | A beauty blog that offers accurate, effective…

An informative, practical, and reasonably priced beauty site that provides tips on food, health, and skincare.

A beauty site that provides realistic, practical, and reasonably priced tips on food, health, and skincare.

Fashion Flash logoThis week Barbara of  The Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is now the Bone Health Ambassador of the National Osteoporosis Foundation, and she is getting us out there to exercise, one set of bones at a time.  She is supportive and encouraging as she drives home her message that exercise is essential to good health.  Check out her site not just for great exercise tips but for information and advice that will motivate you.

Does This Make My  Assets Look Fat?

Last month I sat in on a session on finance at the  She Did  It conference sponsored by the book cover of Does This Make My Assets Look Fat? Better After 50.  The speaker, Susan Hirshman, is a personal finance specialist and author of Does This Make My Assets Look Fat? ( St Martin’s Press).  Finally,  things started to make sense.  Ms Hirshman takes an unusual approach to explain finance, creating parallels between dieting and investing.  After establishing the basics of sound financial planning, she breaks down the risks and benefits of different types of financial products.  From hedge funds to annuities to  mutual funds, Hirshman helps you understand the pros and cons and to pick the best personal options.

I laughed and winced at her profiles of different investment personalities, and I think I saw myself in at least three of them–  Headline Hannah, Indecisive  Iris and a pinch of Anchored Annie.   Her five “D” chapter (e.g. death, divorce, disability) is sobering but essential, and her chapter on estate planning should be required reading for anyone over 40. While   Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?  is not a beauty book, a healthy financial balance sheet is one of the most flattering accessories a woman can have.

The No-Nonsense Beauty Blog – A Beauty Blog Offers Accurate, Effective, and Aff…

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The No-Nonsense Beauty Blog provides accurate, cost-effective, and practical advice on skin care, diet, and health. No Nonsense Beauty Blog | A Blog About Beauty That Provides Reliable, Economic, and Effective Skin Care, Diet, and Health Advice

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