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Basic Beauty Tips For Face You Should Definitely Follow

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About Basic Beauty Tips

Create a youthful look. Basic beauty tips: In beauty, we often forget to get out of our habits. Yet sometimes, it just takes a little something to make all the difference. Here are our top 10 beauty tips that will revolutionize your life (or almost).

Everything you need to know to achieve healthy and luminous skin for the face.

Do you dream of achieving glowing, flawless skin like the one in the commercials? Well, not all? We struggle to find the perfect skincare routine, with new products hitting shelves daily and endless skincare tips appearing on our screens. From drinking enough water to eating healthy, we all know the basics, but what else can be done to achieve this flawless texture? Luckily, you don’t need expensive creams or hour-long procedures, just some beauty tips to follow.

As a woman, it’s essential to have some natural facial beauty tips and tricks to enhance your beauty when you don’t have time for invasive procedures and treatments. Whatever your skin type, all your skin needs are chemical-free ingredients and a few natural beauty skin care tips. So you trust the process and let it do wonders for your skin.

Review the Way You Apply Your Eye Contour Cream

Review the Way You Apply Your Eye Contour Cream

It’s not a myth: applying too much cream around the eyes makes them puffy. Woe, should we choose between fine lines and puffy eyes? Don’t worry; nothing prevents you from using an eye contour treatment… provided you don’t make an elementary mistake. Instead of spreading it generously all over the eye contour area, apply it by tapping it along the orbital bone (no, we don’t get any closer to the eye). The active ingredients will rise by capillarity, giving your eye contour the benefit of care without overloading it with the matter.

Dry Shampoo, Friend Who Wants You Well

Do you still essential to singing the praises of dry shampoo? If it does not replace a classic shampoo long-term, it is still the superhero product par excellence. Not content to save you the mornings when you don’t have time to go through the shampoo box, it has no equal to giving volume and body to your hair and facilitates the holding of hairstyles. But the real bonus is that allowing you to space out the shampoos prevents you from damaging your lengths too much and slows down the fading of your colors.

Make Room for Vegetable Oil in Your Bathroom

Vegetable oil is one of those versatile beauty products that is too often underestimated: sweet almond, coconut, jojoba, and argan. Take your pick and give it the place it deserves on your restroom shelf. You can use it to take away makeup (it is incredibly effective, especially on waterproof makeup), but also in care for dry hair, for the body, in massage… And to make your care more nourishing, add- 2 or 3 drops to your usual cream. Baby skin effect guaranteed!

Detangle Your Hair before Washing It

It’s a silly trick, and yet it makes all the difference. Before jumping into the shower, remember to untangle your hair with a comb. This will avoid breakage when shampooing and allow you to use less conditioner than usual to detangle them. Avoiding overfilling your hair with the product will be less likely to be weighed down and re-grease less quickly. Double benefit!

5-30 Seconds to Mark Your Lipstick Last Double as Long

In the same way, you dust your complexion to fix your makeup, and it is quite possible to grind your lipstick. How? After applying it, absorb the extra by pressing your lips on a tissue. Then tear off a layer of a clean handkerchief and hold it over your mouth. Then apply glowing loose powder with a brush over this thin layer of cloth. The right dose will pass through the fibers. Your lipstick will have a matte finish, and the color will last twice as long!

Apply Your Mascara to the Lower Lashes before the Upper Lashes

This trick is for you if you regularly find yourself with mascara smudges above your eyelid. It’s a mistake we’ve all made with mascara: when you tilt your head forward and open your eyes wide to apply it to the lower lashes, the upper ones – which are not yet dry – touch your upper eyelid and leave marks. Change your habits! You will avoid this annoying phenomenon by applying your mascara to the lower lashes first. And rest assured, while applying makeup to the top lashes, the bottom ones won’t have anything to smudge.

Twist Your Damp Hair for Heat-Free Waves

Do you like to have beautiful wavy hair but don’t want to subject them too often to the test of heated appliances? All in your honor. Instead, opt for the twist technique: when you’re letting your hair air-dry, twist it around your fingers while it’s still damp. Make 4 or 5 winds on each side of your head, and dose them in a large clamp. Once your hair is dehydrated, scrunch everything with your fingers and spray for better hold.

Do Your Makeup with a Cotton Swab?

Fashion show makeup artists have understood this for a long time: cotton swabs are not only used to clean the ears! On the contrary, these little tools are devilishly useful for makeup. We don’t even count their uses: melting kohl pencil, erasing a concealer applied a little too generously, blurring a lip contour that is too sharp… And soaked in a few drops of micellar water, the cotton swab is also an excellent aid for correcting a line of eyeliner. Because – between us – who can boast of getting it right the first time every time?

Use Your Lipstick as a Cream Blush

For quick and easy makeup, here is an idea to make your life easier—no need for blush and brush. Just grab your preferred lipstick and apply a small amount to your cheeks, blending it with your fingers like a cream blush. I like satin or semi-matte textures with more glossy finishes for a better hold. The advantage of this technique is that? No need to think about coordinating your blush with your lipstick. Disadvantage? This method is Not recommended for the oiliest skin, which prefers powder eyeshadow for better hold.

Massage Your Face

Granted, it’s no longer one of the time-saving tricks, but. Adding a two-minute vegetable oil facial massage to your evening skincare routine could have tremendous effects. Massage not only has a relaxing effect but also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes the elimination of toxins and impurities and restores the elasticity and tone of facial muscles. The result is firmer, healthier, more precise, and softer skin. A particularly beneficial practice for mature skin and people with uneven skin.


Every woman wants to look beautiful and healthy. Every woman’s dream is to look chic and healthy among her peers and have that extra aura around her. However, many women fail to achieve their dreams because they are so busy with their work and daily commitments that they ignore their bodies and skin. And because they don’t care about their assets, these women lose their charm and don’t look beautiful even with layers of makeup.

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