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Rose Flavored Dark Chocolate

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Rose Chocolate

Rose Chocolate was founded by Jonathon Barnes, a pastry chef who has been creating, cooking, and learning about food and tasty experiences they contribute for over five years. Justine Gray, the co-founder, has been dominating unique forms to develop tasty, therapeutic, and significant experiences with chocolates. The customers enjoy receiving rose chocolates and constantly drive us throughout the trip to provide delicious tastes and elaborate chocolate.

Treat Yourself to an Exclusive and Tailor-made Experience

We create Rose chocolate for many inspiring, exquisite, lively, exciting, and unforgettable events and occasions, from hand-painted pieces to luxury edible gold, exploration of chocolates that work with their topic, and even chocolate coating.

They create sublime, artistic, romantic, elegant, impressive, and delicious chocolates for their luxury events, weddings, parties, and experiences.

Rose Chocolates offers luxurious chocolates, hand painted and unique for events/occasions. We create authentic, creative, and personalized chocolates. The goal is to have beautiful and unforgettable chocolates that you and your guests enjoy. Our chocolates are an emotional, visual, and sensory experience, from the divine taste to the beautifully artistic designs of our chocolates.

This chocolate is inspired by her songs, your style, and the world around us. These chocolates are elegant, luxurious, extraordinary, unique, and aesthetic. We help you add your style and ideas to create an elegant, brave, creative, critical, unforgettable chocolate that belongs to you. The planning of your event should be an entertaining and beautiful experience. We would like to make sure that we can play more together with your chocolate shops/gifts

A Genuinely Incredible, Luxurious, Divine, and Good Experience.

Rose Chocolates are impressive; they are lovely, so beautiful that you don’t want to eat them. Chocolates complement everything in design, flowers, and theme. Perfect!

Personalized, Handpicked and Created by You

Rose Chocolates specializes in the production of beautiful and unique, personalized chocolates. Create your personalized chocolate gift, choose heavenly flavors and beautiful designs/topics, chocolate handwriting, hand-painted chocolates, and much more.

Personalized Gifts

Rose Chocolates specializes in creating luxury chocolates, hand-painted, artistic, beautifully customized, and designed for our clients. The best-selling chocolates have been personalized, working, and made with you!

Chocolate art is a therapy for us and a way to express ourselves through chocolate, creating beautiful, unique, and personal designs for you. Each method for each order is completely different; each chocolate is unique and exclusive to the customer. It is a creative way to express ourselves and our ideas through our food passion. Every chocolate we create explores a different emotion and tries to evoke that for each of our customers. Each personalized chocolate we make is a form of love, a final gift, to enrich and improve positivity, passion, joy, emotion, beauty, and love.

Rose Flavored Dark Chocolate

Rose Flavored Dark Chocolate

Rose symbolizes love and romance, and dark chocolates represent his care for someone special. The very collective makes a great combination and additions away for it. You must ask for chocolate chocolates and feel satisfied and happy with this product.

What you get

  • 250 g (22 to 25 pieces) of perfectly mixed pink taste chocolates.
  • Complementary chocolates with every order.
  • Elegant packaging.
  • Free shipping

Shipping: All over India with approx. 2 to 6 working days.

  • Chocolates are FSSAI certified.
  • We suggest that the chocolates cool for at least 20 minutes before consumption. Guide the chocolate in fresh and dry places to get the best aroma and the best taste of chocolate.

Suppose it is about choosing colors, shapes, hand-painted designs, or edible gold. Personalized chocolates are the best luxury gift for birthdays, anniversaries, gratitude gifts, seasonal occasions, or more. Personalized Rose chocolate gifts are perfect for any unique or memorable person in their life.

A Touch of Luxury

Rose Chocolates is a chocolate company that creates luxurious, sumptuous, divine, artistic, handmade, personalized, and made-to-order chocolates. We believe that chocolate is a luxury gift, and we wanted to create luxurious chocolates to treat yourself to on any occasion.

Why Taste of Luxury?

The goal is to create chocolates that not only taste fantastic but also chocolates that are perfectly finished. We want our chocolates to make our customers feel, not just physically and mentally, but generally to make them feel better and increase feelings in themselves and others. We also use our pralines to create chocolate art that includes thoughtful messages. For example, our Mother’s Day pralines convey motherhood through spring fruits and flowers painted onto chocolate macaroons. We also make chocolates that represent the beauty surrounding us, for example, our Eid chocolate collection that represents the beautiful architecture of the Kaaba.

Rose Chocolates founder Jonathon is an inspired pastry chef who takes chocolate classes and is passionate about creating beautiful aromas and flavors in chocolate. Jonathan has worked in many places; Hotels, Restaurants, and Private Clubs like Tom’s Kitchen, Blue Print, Charlotte Street Hotel, Hotel Cafe Royal, The Hari, and more!

Justine is the content creator for Rose Chocolates, and she is also the chocolate designer and hand paints chocolate art. She is also a pediatric nurse who puts her passion into healing and nurturing feelings and expressions through chocolates—we superiority ourselves on creating a complete experience from packaging to your final taste.


Rose Chocolates believes that people’s own experiences measure luxury. We work with our customers to make chocolates that are personal to them, and we want to add that special touch to their event or give them the ultimate gift!

We allow our customers to customize the design, theme, colors, shapes, flavors, and more! This is to ensure our customers create a gift they love or a gift someone unique would love. We create chocolates for events, gifts, occasions, and more.


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