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How to Design the Ideal Bedroom That Helps You Sleep

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Design a Bedroom That Helps You Sleep: A good, relaxed, and restful night’s sleep will help you recharge your batteries every night to wake up full of joy in the morning. That is what we are striving for, the ideal of a good night’s sleep. And to achieve that, our bedroom must meet specific basic requirements, without which sleeping comfortably becomes a significant effort.

In search of the best rest, If you don’t fall asleep well at night and don’t get enough sleep, then in the morning, you will be tired and in a bad mood, and things will go uphill for you. But to get a good rest, you need to prepare in advance.

Sleep experts Eduard and Carla Estivill explain it in their book The Tokei Method (ed. Plaza & Janés): You need to prepare to sleep well by adopting certain healthy habits, such as at least two hours before bed.

On the other hand, the bedroom is another factor to consider. You can fall asleep and get a good night’s sleep much more efficiently in a conducive environment: in total darkness, in silence, and at a comfortable room temperature between 20 and 23ºC.

Avoid Natural Light

We love bright environments and that our home enjoys plenty of natural light, but the truth is that we need darkness to sleep peacefully. When the initial rays of the morning sun break through your window, you wake up earlier than expected.

This can also be a problem if your circumstances force you to sleep before sunset or during the day. To avoid this inconvenience, you need to make sure that the blinds will perform their function.

You can also put on thick curtains that block the light. If you also attach some light curtains, you can regulate the light’s incidence according to the day’s needs.

A piece of advice: if light control is an issue for you, you might be able to get a comfortable sleep mask.

Design the Lighting with Care

Design the Lighting with Care

As soon as night falls, artificial light sets the tone in your bedroom. Getting it right will help you get the relaxed vibe you need to fall into Morpheus’ arms without difficulty.

First of all, it is ideal when different types of lighting coexist. The general light can come from a ceiling lamp or sconces. You also need soft, nuanced, indirect light, which is all you need to go to bed. After all, a light bulb comes in handy if, for example, you like to read in bed.

In any case, bet on warm lights with a yellow or orange hue that reminds us of the sunset at dusk. Avoid lamps with a cold, white, or bluish light that does not favor rest.

Relaxing Colors

Choosing cold colors from the color range is most appropriate when decorating a bedroom. And that goes for painting walls, furniture, and bedding. In all their variations and intensities, blue, green, gray, and mauve become the most suitable tones for the space, as they promote the calm and relaxing atmosphere we are looking for.

An infallible trick is to combine them with white, the star color when it comes to softening, shading, and visual luminosity.

Watch Out for the Good Vibes

Creating an environment to your liking, where pleasant sensations are breathed in, is the goal when making your bedroom a place of rest. The key is to eliminate all signs of hostility in the way of relaxation, from clutter to electronics.

One way to achieve this is to include an aroma diffuser with a discreet soft, and relaxing scent. Or light a candle now and then.

It is also a good idea to place a plant. Gone is the myth that plants are harmful in the bedroom as they supposedly steal oxygen. Today we know plants absorb oxygen and give off carbon dioxide at night, but the proportion is insignificant. Not only do they not harm you, but they also give you a natural and fresh touch. There are even plant species that can purify indoor air.

A Mattress that Suits Your Room

The mattress you rest on every night is of great importance. Sleeping in a comfortable bed is essential, and the mattress has much to do with it.

You can choose the material you prefer with feathers, viscoelastic, or latex. It must adapt to you, your weight, and your living conditions: for example, if you sleep alone or share a bed.

Don’t skimp on the budget when buying your mattress.

Limit the Number of Items in the Room:

Few items and furniture convey the feeling of peace and tranquility, and the bedroom also appears cooler and airier. If there is a lot of furniture in the room, we are sure it will look awful, you will feel overwhelmed, and also, by filling your space with things, you can create more heat, block the light and the corridor, and even threaten your Security. Additionally, when you need to create an entire sleeping area, staying away from the TV and other distracting devices is essential to help you fall asleep.

Comfort for Your Bed

The bed is the center of your relaxation area, so choose a mattress and pillows that invite you to relax. For example, some decorative pillows and blankets that bring warmth to your bedroom can be necessary since everything enters through the eyes. Let your senses be drawn to sheets made from natural and less synthetic materials to keep you cool and maintain the correct body temperature.


Knowing that aromas play an essential role in our home, the smells we perceive can also help us to induce sleep. Lavender, for example, can help us with this. Choose your favorite aroma that makes you feel good and influences your full recovery.


Design a bedroom that helps you sleep, after all, the order in the bedroom is essential. A cluttered room creates visual chaos; we feel affected one way or another. We are sure you will feel better in a clean and tidy bedroom than in a messy one.


Design a bedroom that helps you sleep, the décor of your bedroom is crucial for consistent sleep. Creating a bedroom environment that encourages falling asleep and staying asleep is an essential part of sleep hygiene that can provide quality rest night after night.

Cultivating a relaxing sleep environment involves the visual design and practical furnishings, including lighting, sound, and scent. By keeping these elements of your sleep arrangement in mind, you can cultivate your ideal bedroom for optimal sleep.

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