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About Nike Lifestyle Shoes

Nike Lifestyle Shoes: The Company Nike targets and capitalize on a health and fitness lifestyle by selling items that embody an active lifestyle. To lead a healthy lifestyle, you most likely wear sportswear while exercising, and that’s what Nike sells.

History of Nike

History of Nike

Nike, Inc., formerly (1964–78) Blue Ribbon Sports, is an American sportswear company based in Beaverton, Oregon. It was started in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman, a track mentor at the University of Oregon, and his earlier student Phil Knight. They opened their first retail store in 1966 and launched Nike-branded footwear in 1972. The company was retitled Nike, Inc. in 1978 and went public two years later. By the turn of the 21st century, Nike had retail stores and distributors in more than 170 countries, and its logo, a curved check mark called a “swoosh,” was recognized worldwide.

Since the late 1980s, Nike has steadily expanded its business and spread its product line through numerous acquisitions, plus the shoe companies Cole Haan (1988; sold in 2012) and Converse, Inc. (2003), the manufacturer of sporting goods company Canstar Sports, Inc. (1994; later renamed Bauer and sold in 2008) and sports apparel and equipment company Umbro (2008; sold in 2012). In 1996, Nike founded the ACG (“All Conditions Gear”) company, which sells products for exciting sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking. In the quick 21st century, Nike began selling sports technology accessories, including wearable heart-rate monitors and high-altitude wrist compasses.

Part of Nike’s success is due to the support of athletes like Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Roger Federer, and Tiger Woods. Nike Town stores, the first of which opened in 1990, honor these and other company spokespeople and offer consumers a full line of Nike products. In the 1990s, the company’s image suffered briefly after revelations about poor working conditions in its overseas factories.

Nike brand Identity and Popularity

The brand is well-known for its Swoosh logo and the slogan “Just do it.” They have become one of the most recognizable visual brand elements. Initially, a stylized version of the name served as the logo; later, it was combined with a Swoosh.

Nike is a champion at brand building. His advertising slogans, “Bo knows,” “Just do it,” and “There is no finish line,” have transcended advertising into popular expression. His sports shoes and clothes have become a piece of Americana, and its brand is as well known worldwide as IBM and Coca-Cola.

The Surprising Story behind Just Do It, NIKE’s Iconic Tagline

In 1987, Nike prepared to launch its first major television campaign, featuring commercials for running, walking, cross-training, basketball, and women’s fitness.

The creative agency Wieden+Kennedy was in charge of creating and implementing the campaign. A different innovative team developed each ad, and agency founder Dan Wieden felt the movement needed a tagline to tie it all together.

In a 2009 promotional documentary, Dan confessed that he was inspired by a convicted murderer’s last words to the shooting squad before his execution. Let’s do it!” Nike did not feel the campaign needed the slogan but allowed it anyway.

Just do it is some of the most famous slogans in the world. In just three words, this simple slogan empowers athletes around the globe to stop overthinking and take the first step. That’s all about it. Why? Since if you have a body, you are an athlete.

Nike Contributed to the Rise of Sneakerhead Culture

The sneakerhead values began in the 1970s, but Nike’s deal with Michael Jordan helped fuel its global evolution.

In 1983, Adidas was a billion-dollar corporation with a multinational company that was at the forefront of the athletic shoe industry. Nike was already a strong competitor, biting into the company’s lead and looking for a way to top it.

In 1984, Michael Jordan was the undoubted star of basketball. He was required to sign with Adidas, but Nike made him a better offer, $500,000 a year for five years. They planned to design his line of shoes. Michael Jordan listened to his parent’s advice and said yes to Nike’s offer. The following year, Nike released the first pair of Air Jordans.

The new shoe was incredibly successful. The corporation sold $126 million worth of Air Jordan’s in the first year of the deal. During Jordan’s playing career, a new shoe version was released each year. Michael Jordan, measured by many to be the greatest of all time in the history of the NBA, earned $1.3 billion from his 36-year association with Nike. His long association with Nike helped the brand become the world’s leading sports shoe manufacturer.

The company maintained its design collaborations with famous people as part of its business plan. Over the ages, the brand has worked with rapper and record producer Kanye West, singer-songwriter Drake, fashion house Dior, jewelry brand Swarovski, Louis Vuitton artistic director Virgil Abloh, and founder and chief designer by Japanese cult label Undercover, Jun Takahashi.

What lifestyle does Nike sell?

Nike sells sporting and athletic shoes, apparel, equipment, and accessories. The brand has also recently expanded into more fashion-forward clothing lines, though its niche remains sportswear.

Those above, “athleisure,” a word that denotes clothing and footwear that looks athletic but is usually just lifestyle footwear, is the epitome of “see it, believe it, live it.” Your lifestyle (or casual) shoe is sporty, and they look like running or training shoes. You look at your feet and think: I’m fit.

The Most Popular Nike Lifestyle Shoes

The most popular Nikes are the Air Max, Air Jordan 1, Dunk, SB Dunk, Blazer, Air Force 1, and Waffle One. The all-time classic Air Force 1 is the most famous Nike of all time and undoubtedly one of the finest shoes ever created for collectors.

The Nike Air Force 1, Nike Huarache, Nike Air Max, and Nike Blazer are some of the best Nike options for everyday lifestyle. All Nike shoes are casual, comfortable, and durable enough for everyday wear, so choose the style that best suits your style and wardrobe.

Is Nike a Lifestyle Brand?

Nike is an ultimate lifestyle brand that embodies an active lifestyle and pushes boundaries daily. This study introduces the essential marketing and branding concepts, focusing on theories of customer-brand relationships and lifestyle branding.

The Position Nike Holds Today

  • Nike currently operates a total of 1,096 retail stores worldwide.
  • The 56-year-old company is the world’s largest sports shoe maker. With an estimated 28% market share and €35 ​​billion in sales in 2019, followed by Adidas with €24 billion (Statista).
  • One of the brand’s core values is to support and give back to the community. To achieve this goal, Nike has created several funds:
  • The Nike Community Impact Fund supports grassroots organizations in communities across the United States and Europe.
  • Nike School Innovation Fun works with Oregon school leaders to increase graduation and prepare students for college and careers.
  • Nike N7 is creating positive change for the next age group of Native American and also Aboriginal youth by receiving kids dynamic.
  • Over Nike Community Ambassadors. More than 5,700 employees positively impact communities worldwide by providing quality coaching for kids in sports and games.


In today’s world, where people constantly try to improve their health and show off their physical beauty. Nike encourages its customers to “just do it.” Nike also uses its marketing strategies for lifestyle brands to show how broad its target audience is.


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