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Xifra Lifestyle Review (2024): Best Network Marketing Program?

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About Xifra Lifestyle

The Xifra Lifestyle is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that delivers professional and financial growth opportunities to improve the public’s quality of life by providing financial education, CBD supplement, weight management, and detox products.

The company was started in the year 2019 and is based in Mexico. Jonathan Sifuentes is the founder of Xifra Lifestyle. And having faced some legal problems, the new CEO, George Goodman, will be at the helm of this company.

Xifra claims in its advertising materials that they have $246 billion in cryptocurrency capital. It aims to create an investment ecosystem that includes cryptocurrencies, hemp farming, and real estate.

Xifra Lifestyle Company Profile

Company Name Xifra Lifestyle
Founder Jonathan Sifuentes
Released In 2019
Headquarters Mexico
Service CBD product, Weight control, Crypto plan

Xifra Lifestyle Products

It has a single membership and no retail products. This membership includes a variety of supplements such as CBD oils, male improvement supplements, detox supplements, and weight loss products.

  • CBD Plus and Best, which is a CBD oil
  • +DTX, which is a detox supplement
  • Xtrong, a dietary supplement for men
  • Gen-X is a weight loss supplement

How Does Xifra Lifestyle Work?

Xifra Lifestyle sells CBD oils and other nutritional health and wellness products and behaves like a cryptocurrency-based MLM company. The company has some crypto funds in which authorized persons must invest a certain amount. Affiliates are also encouraged to recruit new affiliates who invest in crypto funds.

Xifra Lifestyle Compensation Plan

Xifra Lifestyle Compensation Plan

Here are two ways you can earn money with Xifra Lifestyle:

  • MLM Compensation Plan
  • planting background

Referral Commission

As a Xifra affiliate, you can earn an 8% referral commission and an additional 2% on your referral referrals.

Indirect Accelerator Bonus

This earning method allows Xifra Lifestyle affiliates to earn a 2% bonus on their direct referrals.

Binary Bonus

Xifra proposes a binary bonus of 7% to 12% on 50% of the total accumulated BV of the left and right downlines. Usually, the commission percentage depends on the membership purchased by the affiliate.

Matching Bonus

In Matching Bonus Earnings, the company is based on the remaining binary commissions your team earns and your rank in the company. When you reach the leadership position, the corresponding bonus earnings will begin to come only from personally designated members, representing 3% of what they will earn from the remaining commissions. As you increase this income, you advance five levels, which are 2% on levels 2 and 3 and 1% on levels 4 and 5.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Affiliates accept recognition and gifts from Xifra as they advance in rank. The rank achievement bonus award is given to you by the company once you qualify for a higher position.

Plantation Fund

Xifra Lifestyle also has different types of investment ideas. The company allows its members to purchase flax gardens and earn rewards for their ownership. Xifra grows medical marijuana on behalf of its subsidiaries and offers a 10% return on investment the following month.

Membership and Investment Plan

You are probably thinking about how I can join the Xifra Lifestyle company to earn money. Is there any registration fee?

A person must pay a one-time registration fee of $15 to join the company and purchase a crypto or wellness plan to participate in the company’s compensation plan and earn money.

The Wellness Plan includes products no longer available on the Xifra Lifestyle website. Therefore, the partner must opt for one of these crypto pool licenses.

Is Xifra Lifestyle a Scam?

So Xifra is a scam? Technically no. You can make money with this driver, but it’s certainly not as easy as the company makes it seem.

  • In my opinion and some facts say that there is a problem with the company’s business model.
  • The company has no revenue from retail products.
  • Due to a lack of transparency, I could not find any information about the owner or management team on the company website.
  • The company offers a promising return on your investment; we do not know how the return is calculated or on what basis. Regarding the ROI of member investments, that’s not good.
  • The financial regulators do not approve Xifra Lifestyle of any country to operate the investment program and therefore commits securities fraud.
  • Furthermore, the company claims to use a trading algorithm with a 200% ROI. If Xifra is confident enough in its trading algorithm, why is it trusting public money and putting your money at risk?

Is Xifra Lifestyle BBB Recognized?

BBB does not currently recognize no Xifra Lifestyle, and this company is probably new to the market. But if the company is not listed on the BBB, it does not fully endorse it, and it is an illegal or fraudulent company.

Even if the companies on the BBB don’t have the best ratings, this does not mean that a company is a scam, as BBB is not a government-run website that many people are unaware of.

Is Xifra a Circulation of Money?

Probably yes. Xifra Lifestyle is a money circulation system. While the company promotes itself as a cryptocurrency trading platform, it is also working on a money laundering project. Present affiliates receive returns based on the investment of new companions and continue. And in the process, it holds the investor’s money for many months; if it fails, in any case, most people will lose their money.


In short, Xifra Lifestyle claims that people can earn ROI income by doing business and growing cannabis, but there is no indication to support this claim.

More importantly, the Passive Return qualifies as a value offering, and Xifra Lifestyle does not provide evidence that it is registered with any financial regulatory authority. So I hope that in this article you will find complete information about it and its investment plan.


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