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How can I improve the health of my face?

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About Improve Facial Health

Improve Facial Health: Taking care of your face is essential to looking and feeling better. Although the skin of the face is susceptible and is constantly exposed to environmental factors such as cold, sun rays, and dryness, with some essential and sound advice, it is possible to have a hydrated, smooth, and well-groomed face. Natural medicine.

Exfoliating, nourishing, and moisturizing the face is essential for healthy and well-nourished skin. So if you are wondering how to improve the skin on your face, don’t miss the tips and steps we offer below as HOW. In addition, it should be added that although many people wonder how to improve facial skin in men, these tips are valid and effective for both men and women.

Constantly Hydrate to Improve Facial Health

Constantly Hydrate to Improve Facial Health

We’ll start with a straightforward but essential tip that many ignore, which can completely transform your complexion’s appearance. Staying hydrated is critical to combat dry skin issues and improve overall health.

In addition to drinking plenty of water (between 1.5 and 2 lit per day), in a COMO, we recommend that you increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, foods that help you hold the skin’s collagen fibers together and nourish your skin, looking like a resilient and youthful man.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

The sun is one of our skin’s greatest enemies. Sun exposure in small amounts is beneficial as it encourages the production of vitamin D in our body. Still, too much sun exposure can be very detrimental to our health.

Sun protection is essential not only to prevent sunburn but also to combat premature skin aging, the appearance of spots and extreme dryness caused by the sun’s rays, as well as the numerous skin diseases caused by the absorption of harmful UV rays. . We offer you some tips:

Limit Sun Exposure

Limit your exposure to the sun, especially if you haven’t tanned for a long time. Remember that 10-15 minutes will be enough for the first few days.

Gradual Exposure

Try to start sun exposure gradually. The first 10 minutes, the next day 15, the next 20, etc., give your skin time to get used to it.

Wear Sunglasses

Aside from shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays, sunglasses protect the skin on your eyelids and around your eyes, one of the most sensitive areas.

Frequent Sun Protection

Apply SPF 30 or 50 about 30 minutes before beginning sun exposure. Don’t repeat the process often, especially after a bath or heavy sweating.

Get Regular Facials

Washing your face daily is essential to keep your skin clean and hydrated, especially if you usually wear makeup. We recommend choosing good, natural, chemical-free cleansing gels to respect your skin’s qualities.

I prefer oil-based products and apply a good toner and moisturizer at the end of the cleansing ritual for complete care. Once a week, we recommend that you exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and allow better absorption of the products you are using.

Stay Away from the Smoke

You already know that tobacco is very harmful to your health, but did you know that its harmful effects not only affect the respiratory and cardiovascular system but also directly affect the health of your skin?

This material is one of the leading causes of skin dehydration, as exposure to smoke makes it brittle and loses its flexibility. In addition, smoking decreases the supply of oxygen to cells, which leads to the darkening of the skin, which appears greyish and dull.

In short, tobacco affects skin health and increases premature skin aging, causing irreparable damage.

Watch Your Diet

Good nutrition makes you healthy not only inside but also outside. In the case of the skin, a healthy and balanced diet will help you repair and rebuild its cells, thus regenerating your skin. This regeneration takes place every 3 to 5 weeks; therefore, a healthy diet always stops premature skin aging.

To achieve this, the key is to consume natural products and avoid processed foods high in chemicals and preservatives. Remember that the more realistic and less adulterated the food, the healthier it is and the more it reflects on your skin. Eat mainly fruit and vegetables.

Say Goodbye to Sugar

Following the trend of nutrition, sugars deserve a particular section. And if you want healthy skin, you must say goodbye to added sugar products because the chronic consumption of sugar damages the collagen fibers and promotes the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

Sugar is addictive and can cause our faces to swell; we encourage you to eliminate it from your diet or severely limit its consumption.

Avoid Excesses

Another excess that plays tricks on the skin of the face is alcohol; as ingested in large quantities, it causes premature skin aging and redness caused by the increase in blood vessels in the front.

Likewise, alcohol can cause acne, eczema due to dryness, and even spider veins, so it is essential to reduce its consumption as much as possible.

Detox Your Body

Cleansing and detoxifying your body are essential if you wonder how this will also improve facial skin. By cleansing your body, you can eliminate toxins. Take diuretic teas and infusions (like green tea, black tea, or horsetail) to eliminate these toxins, and in a short time, you will see your face less inflamed (due to the removal of retained fluids), and your skin good looks smoother and smoother. brighter

Rest the Recommended Hours

Do you have dark rings under your eyes, greyish skin, and feel tense? The safest thing is that they are the result of a wrong recovery. And it is that good sleep is essential to feel better and show a much more radiant and well-groomed face.

Remember that the skin regenerates at night because collagen is produced during this time and blood circulation improves. Therefore, sleeping between 7 and 9 hours daily promotes cell regeneration. Don’t forget to cleanse your face before bed, as it will enhance the effects of this regeneration.

Exercise to Improve Facial Skin

Exercising makes you feel much healthier, reflected in your facial skin. Thanks to exercise, the circulation of oxygen and nutrients increases, while sweat allows you to eliminate all toxins that your body does not need.

However, there are facial exercises explicitly designed to improve facial elasticity and stop premature aging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In this other article, we offer you seven perfect facial yoga poses.

Learn to Control Anxiety

This advice may surprise you, but the truth is that constant stress and anxiety, as well as depression and other disorders, can directly impact your skin’s health. This is mainly because symptoms of stress and anxiety often include psychogenic-type pimples or hives.

To remedy this problem, there is nothing better than controlling what you eat (be careful with sugars, caffeine, and theine) and practicing exercise, yoga, and meditation.

Foods to improve facial skin

As we have already said, eating a balanced diet is essential to maintain healthy skin and improving your face’s appearance. Therefore, at one Como, we invite you to add the following foods to your weekly menu:


They are rich in vitamin C and are considered great antioxidants that directly influence collagen and protein production. You cannot miss lemon, orange, lime, tangerine, or grapefruit in your diet, among other citrus fruits.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these vegetables stimulate skin regeneration. Add cabbage, celery, spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard, arugula, kale…

Red Fruits

Thanks to their high content of vitamin C and flavonoids, red fruits have antioxidant power that reduces the damaging effect of free radicals; that is, they prevent cell destruction and prevent premature aging. Add blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries to your menus.


They are ironic in vitamin E and are essential in protecting the skin because they reduce the oxidation of cells. Eat pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts.

Olive Oil

Its high vitamin E content helps protect cells from oxidative stress; therefore, adding raw olive oil to meals is recommended to make the most of its properties.

Meat and Eggs

Both are sources of protein, vitamin B6 and selenium. Thanks to their composition, they allow stopping the loss of muscle tone in the skin of the face, thus preventing premature aging and reducing the lack of elasticity. Remember, do not abuse these foods, but complement them with the rest.


Chia seeds provide amino acids that combat the appearance of wrinkles or dryness. Sesame seeds provide healthy fats and methionine, an essential amino acid for collagen formation.


The nutritional composition of carrots, for example, helps reduce sagging and wrinkles, while cucumber is perfect for keeping us hydrated and deep cleansing our skin.

How to Improve Facial Health with Home Remedies

Rely on home and natural remedies to maintain healthy, flawless skin. Thanks to the natural masks we propose below, you can bring hydration, nourishment, and beauty to your face if you are wondering how to take care of your facial skin from home.

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Refined sugar is exceptional for making homemade scrubs since its texture manages to polish the skin and remove impurities and dead cells in a matter of a single massage. If you need to know how to improve facial skin with open pores, follow these steps:

  • Mix half a cup of sugar with two tablespoons of honey.
  • Apply the paste to your face in circular motions.
  • Ten minutes later, remove with plenty of water.
  • If you want to learn how to make homemade facial scrubs as effective as this one, follow our link.

Natural Moisturizing Mask

To end the dryness and tightness of the face, we recommend you carry out this simple and quick remedy. Wondering how to improve thick facial skin? Follow these steps:

  • Cut and mash the cucumber well. If you have a blender, we recommend blending it.
  • Add two tablespoons of natural yogurt to the cucumber and mix both ingredients.
  • Apply the cover to your face using circular movements.
  • Relax for 15 minutes and remove the paste with plenty of cold water.

Moisturizing Mask for a Brighter Complexion

Do you want to know how to improve dry facial skin so that it regains its elasticity and natural shine? Prepare two tablespoons of oatmeal, two tablespoons of natural yogurt, and one honey.

  • Mix all the elements well to form a paste.
  • Apply the combination to your face using circular movements. Remember that your skin must be spotless, so do not hesitate to exfoliate it before using this mask.
  • Let the mask take effect for 15 minutes and remove it with warm water.

Dietary Supplement to Improve Facial Health

Suppose you are speculating how to take care of your facial skin and the foods and home remedies we have suggested. In that case, you should know that some dietary supplements can provide you with vitamins and antioxidants to improve your health. If you want to treat specific problems such as acne or cellular aging, we recommend a good diet and daily skin care with adapted products.

Dietary supplements such as vitamin B3, zinc, Heli care, or coenzyme Q10 help optimize your daily care results. Spirulina may also be helpful, a dietary supplement that promotes cell regeneration, combats dry skin and delays the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Suppose you’re looking to include any of these supplements in your diet but are already taking medication. In that case, it’s essential to consult your doctor beforehand so that one treatment doesn’t override the other.

Improve Facial Health Treatments

Although home remedies are perfect for a complete facial care routine and see significant benefits in the medium and long term, if you want to improve some aspects of your skin more quickly, there are professional treatments that can help address specific issues. Facial radio frequency

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Facial rejuvenation treatment
  • Anti-wrinkle treatments
  • Moisturizing treatments for the face
  • Anti-acne treatments


Improve Facial Health showing off healthy and beautiful skin is not just a matter of creams. If you want your face to be radiant, you must keep these simple habits in mind that we will show you. Most women want to maintain the beauty of their faces through a series of special care measures. What if you also take care of your facial health?

It is essential to consider several habits that will allow you to keep it young and healthy. While it’s true that cosmetic products are beneficial, they’re not the only thing you should consider to achieve glowing skin, free from the imperfections that usually plague it.


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