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Baroque Bob: The bob haircut is a timeless favorite that consistently reinvents itself to suit the ever-evolving style landscape. This spring, there’s a captivating new addition to the list of different types of bob haircuts: the Baroque bob. Defined by its textured waves and bouncy volume, this style promises to be a client favorite.

As a professional stylist, you hold the key to bringing this runway trend to your community. Read on to learn more about this show-stopping look and how to use your favorite professional hair styling products to achieve the Baroque bob with your clients.

The History of the Classic Bob

The bob haircut boasts a rich history, dating all the way back to the early 1900s when it first challenged the long, flowing hairstyles dominant at the time. Its sharp lines and practicality resonated with the changing social roles of women, becoming a symbol of liberation and empowerment. Throughout the decades, the bob has undergone countless transformations. We’ve seen the sleek, geometric bobs of the 1920s, the playful and feminine variations of the 1950s and the effortlessly chic angled bobs of the 1990s. Each era has left its mark on this versatile style, solidifying its position as a fashion staple, and this spring welcomes a fresh interpretation that injects a touch of opulence and texture: the Baroque bob.

Unveiling the Baroque Bob

Inspired by the elaborate ornamentation of the Baroque era (think 17th and 18th centuries), the Baroque bob elevates the classic bob with a focus on texture and movement. Unlike its sleeker counterparts, the Baroque bob embraces bouncy volume and sculpted waves reminiscent of the elaborate hairstyles adorning European royalty.

The key characteristics that define this new trend are:

  • Blunt Ends:A hallmark of the Baroque bob is its clean, blunt cut at the ends, which creates a strong foundation and allows the textured waves to cascade effortlessly.
  • Bouncy Volume:Gone are the days of flat bobs. This bob thrives on bouncy volume. Think voluminous roots and textured waves that add dimension and movement.
  • Length Versatility:While traditionally a chin-grazing style, the Baroque bob offers flexibility in length. It can be adapted to sit anywhere from just above the shoulders to skimming the chin, allowing stylists to tailor the look to different face shapes and hair types.

The true essence of the Baroque bob lies in the play of texture. This is achieved through the cut itself, which often incorporates layers for added movement and the use of texture hair products.

The Power of Professional Styling

The Baroque bob is captivating on the runway and the red carpet, but translating that style to the salon chair requires expertise and a careful touch. Here’s how to give your clients this on-trend look!

Consultation Is Key

While versatile, the Baroque bob isn’t a one-size-fits-all style. A thorough consultation with your client is crucial before embarking on this textured journey. This allows you to assess their hair type to guide your cutting technique and product recommendations. You’ll also discuss their desired level of texture and volume, ensuring you understand their style goals. Now is a good time to ask your client about their lifestyle, too, to ensure that you give them a cut and style they can maintain. Find out if they want a look that requires minimal upkeep or if they’re willing to put time and effort into their style daily.

Expertise in Cutting

Your cutting expertise is what truly brings the Baroque bob to life. Achieving the defining blunt ends of this style requires precise cutting to create a clean line and weight distribution that supports the bouncy volume. Strategic layering throughout the hair adds movement and dimension, allowing the waves to cascade naturally. The type and placement of layers will vary depending on the client’s hair type and desired texture level.

Expertise in Cutting


Mastering Styling Techniques

Once you’ve laid the foundation with a skilled cut, careful styling techniques elevate the Baroque bob to its full glory. This is where you get to really showcase your artistry!

Blow drying with a round brush is the secret to creating volume at the roots and shaping the textured waves. Try techniques like flipping the ends during blow drying or using a diffuser attachment for curly hair. Texturizing sprays and products are your allies in achieving the Baroque bob’s signature piecey definition, natural waves and bouncy volume.

Knowledge Is Power

Understanding the science behind hair products enables you to recommend the perfect arsenal for your clients to maintain their bob at home. Match products to their hair type. Fine hair needs lightweight products to avoid weighing it down, while thicker hair requires products with a stronger hold. Educate clients on the importance of heat protectants if they’ll be using curling irons or other heat-styling tools to maintain their waves.

Briefly discuss tips like using the recommended products after washing, blow drying techniques to recreate volume and texture and refreshing the waves with texturizing spray on non-wash days. Equipping them with the right knowledge and products ensures their Baroque bob stays stylish beyond their salon visit.

Wrapping Up


The bob haircut’s enduring popularity is undeniable. Its ability to transform across decades and trends speaks volumes about its versatility. The Baroque bob, emphasizing texture and bouncy volume, injects a fresh twist into this timeless classic. This texture-forward approach adds a touch of luxury and caters to a wider range of hair types, making it a potential client favorite throughout spring and beyond.

However, the key to unlocking the Baroque bob’s full potential lies with you, the professional hairstylist. Your expertise in cutting, styling and product usage ensures a tailored approach that flatters individual features and complements lifestyle needs. This spring, embrace the Baroque bob — a trend that celebrates texture and empowers you to elevate the bob haircut to a whole new level.

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