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What is the best purple hair color?

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Purple hair colour – The best shades for your skin type

Consider this colour to spice up your hair

Dying your hair purple is a fun and original way to express yourself. Coloured hair has been the super trend in hair colour for a few years. Today, women of any age enjoy dyeing their hair green, blue or pink. But purple hair and its different shades are also trendy, from pastel purple hues like lavender and lilac to darker purple hues like blackberry.

They turned the heads of many colourful stars and famous people who have said goodbye to their blonde and brunette hair. Of course, there are different shades of purple. But as with many hair colours, purple should be tried to fit the right look or tone. So that it matches the style and undertone of your skin. Here’s how to find the perfect hair colour for your purple hair to perfectly flatter your complexion.

How to choose the purple colour for your hair

we already mentioned that it recommends that you consider your skin tone to choose the right shade of purple for you. Obviously, for this, you must know what your skin tone is. Of course, your skin tone is related to the natural colour of your complexion, which can vary from light to dark.
We will tell you how you can determine your skin tone to choose your shade of purple hair better. Well, you may have a very light skin tone if your skin describes as porcelain at some point in your life. Likewise, you may have a fair skin tone if you are pale, but not as pale as porcelain-skinned people. You have a light to medium skin tone if your skin tone is not very dark or very light, but something in between.

Purple orchid hair colour

Finally, you have a medium to dark skin type if your skin is a little darker than the previous ones. Of course, skin tone isn’t the only thing to consider when choosing a hair colour. While your skin tone ties in with your complexion and skin tone, undertones are the colours that shine through your skin and also affect your overall tone.

We will try to explain it so that you do not get confused with the terms and have an idea of what undertone you have. You have a warm tone when the veins inside your wrist glow green, and you have a cool undertone when the veins inside the wrist look blue or purple. And when you can’t tell if your veins are more likely to be blue or green, your undertone is neutral.

purple hair colour ideas

Once you know your skin tone and undertone, choosing the right purple colour for your hair will be easier. You can try a pastel purple hair colour like lilac if you have fair skin with cool undertones. Indeed, the pale blend of violet and blue perfectly mimics the colour of one of nature’s most delicate flowering shrubs. Lilac hair looks very feminine and imaginative.

Of course, you can also dye your hair purple with a temporary dye to get a change to your appearance, but in the short term, to see if you feel comfortable. Purple silver hair is also a good option for women with fair skin. In addition, the light and fresh purple colour will highlight your porcelain complexion and make it shine majestically.

Aubergine purple hair colour

A deep aubergine colour will be ideal if you have dark skin with a cool undertone. Deep purple hair colour is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little pizzazz to their black or dark brown hair. But in addition to giving your hair dynamism, it can also provide a romantic touch. Another variant that you can consider is the combination of grey and violet. It will give your hair a smoky touch to your dark complexion.

Balayage hair colour from black to indigo

Indeed, the indigo colour will make a great contrast if you have a medium skin tone with a cool undertone. This beautiful colour is a mixture of the colours blue and purple. Which can give a spectacular and different touch to your dark hair.

plum purple hair colour

Sweet plum is another beautiful shade of purple. You can consider a plum purple colour if you have a medium skin tone with a warm undertone. Plum purple hair colour will bring out your beautiful medium skin tone. Raspberry streaks on brown hair

Purple hair colour highlights raspberry

You can try this beautiful raspberry red colour on your hair if you have fair skin with a warm undertone. It’s worth mentioning that just because you have pale skin doesn’t mean your hair has to be super light. So if you like a slightly more daring look, the deep raspberry red colour is undoubtedly for you. Trust me, this perfect combination of pink and purple, vibrant purple colour in your hair, will wonderfully suit your fair skin tone.

Intense orchid purple colour

If you have fair skin with a cool undertone, then try Radiant Orchid Purple. Orchid purple is a darker shade with more blue that is very flattering for people with cool skin tones. bright magenta hair

If you have dark skin with a warm undertone, you definitely can’t help but consider magenta. It is impossible to deny that the combination of purple and pink looks very harmonious. Magenta is also known as light violet. If you prefer to try it before having a perm, you can create your look with the help of violet-pink temporary hair dye or magenta permanent hair dye. You will not regret it for sure.

Silver Violet Highlights on Dark Blonde Hair

People with fair skin with a warm undertone can try lavender hair with a small base. Nowadays, combining dark, untreated hairlines and coloured ends is very fashionable. For the look to look natural, there should be no clear line between the two colours. But a smooth and irregular transition. If you like two-tone hairstyles, you can also go for an ombré look. Balayage and ombré are hair colouring techniques that are particularly practical and easy to care for.

Medium blonde hair with a hint of purple

f you have a neutral skin tone, you can try the new Dusty Mauve hair trend. This on-trend colour is a pale purple redder and duller than lavender; it’s a smoky violet-pink, which fits any style and looks incredibly modern.

Dye and take care of your purple hair

Your purple hair will look much softer and more vibrant if it locks in moisture. Try to choose a hair dye that has a deep conditioning base. It is, so you add water to the hair cuticles as you deposit the colour. The purple colour is undoubtedly beautiful. But sometimes, we start in such light shades that fading occurs almost immediately. If you want your purple hair to last much longer, consider going for a darker, more vibrant purple colour.
Try to wait at least three days to shampoo after a new dye. Shampooing your hair after dyeing it purple will only remove the colour. Since the cuticles, or the outer part of the hair shafts, have not yet closed completely. Different purple hair products help add some colour to your hair every time you use them, especially if your hair is a lighter purple.

Use products that help maintain the purple colour in your hair

Use purple shampoo and conditioner on your hair every time you wash it. It will add a bit of colour each time you wash it. Please note the following. Sulfates are what make shampoo foam when you rub it into your hair. These are good for cleaning your hair quickly, but they dry out and damage the cuticles. So you’re better off getting sulfate-free products to keep moisture and colour in your hair longer. Also, try to wait as long as possible between washes. Ideally, wait two to three days.

Keep in mind that hot water opens the cuticles of your hair and makes it more porous, Which can cause the colour to fade. Wash and rinse your hair with cold water to close those cuticles and better set the stain. If you want to extend the time between hair dyes, buy a product that adds a little extra colour to your hair. Use this colouring product every two to three weeks to avoid altering your purple hair colour too much. It is worth mentioning that products that deposit colour have more violet tint than violet shampoos and conditioners; that’s why we use them less often.

Minimize the use of heat styling tools

Heat styling tools like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons, in addition to damaging your hair, can also cause the colour to fade much faster. Try to let your hair air dry as much as possible. Try to minimize the number of times you use these heat styling tools. Now, if it is so necessary for you to use such tools, then spray a generous amount of heat protectant all over your hair, including roots and tips, before using your hair dryer or curling iron.

If you have wet hair, you can dry it as usual and use your heat styling tools. If your hair is dry, apply and let the heat protectant dry for five minutes. And then style it as usual. Be sure to set your tools to the lowest temperature to protect your hair as much as possible.

Protect your hair from the sun

Similarly, you must protect your purple hair from the sun with a hat. When intense ultraviolet rays fall on your hair, they damage its colour. So if you already know that he will spend a lot of time outdoors, it is best to wear a hat to keep him out of direct sunlight.

Now, if you must leave your hair uncovered for some special event or something like that, then you can apply a thin layer of coconut oil to your hair to protect it from the sun. Indeed, maintaining the health of your hair can be a process, especially since the purple colour tends to fade rather quickly. But by using the right products and keeping your hair moisturized, you can make your purple hair last longer between dyes and keep your hair soft and shiny.

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