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You Should Know When Choosing a Wig?

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You Should Know When Choosing a Wig? – While looking for non–damaging looks for your hair, you need not be disheartened in considering a wig. Wigs are a more commonplace occurrence than you could imagine. These days celebrities wear wigs even in their daily lives, it is easier to order wigs shop online now

Wigs not only offer you a wide variety of hairstyles, lengths, textures, colours, and cap sizes, but they are also a fun and easy way to express yourself without causing damage to your real hair. Due to its increased popularity, nowadays there are hundreds of different wig styles to choose from. Most popular among these styles are the lace front wigs, lace closure wigs and T part wigs. When choosing a wig for the first time, you should know that there are a few factors that need to be considered while making this decision. These factors are:

  • Budget – The very first thing to keep in mind is your budget. There is a huge difference in the prices of a cheap wig and that of an expensive wig. However, if you’re new to the world of wigs, you might want to consider getting a low cost wig so that you can practice using it properly and learn how to appropriately take care of it. Nonetheless, you should also make sure not to buy wigs of poor quality just because they are cheap. Wigs that shed often or do not last very long can turn out to be a costlier affair in the long run.
  • Hair Style – Based on your preferences and your face type, there are many hair styles that you could choose from. Make sure that the style you go for is flattering on your face shape, else the whole point of using wigs goes moot.
    • A – Line Bob, Long Wavy Hairstyle and Shoulder – Length Flip go best on an Oval shape face;
    • Lob with a side – part, Side wavy pony and a Long Layered Hairstyle work best for a Round Face;
  • Long layered hairstyle with side bangs, long waves and an A – line Chin – length Bob are all flattering on a Square Face;
  • Long voluminous curls with arched bangs, medium bouncy curls with blunt bangs and medium flip out hairstyle work nicely on a Long Face;
  • Curly hairstyle with side bangs, medium hairstyle with flicks or a curly side pony would do wonders for a Heart Shaped Face; and
  • Medium layered hairstyle, angled pixie and layered lob would be great for a Diamond shaped Face.
  • Cap Size – While choosing the right size of the wig cap is important for comfort, most wigs come with adjustable cap sizes. But in order to make sure that a wig comfortably fits your head and is not obviously visible after wearing, it is always good to use a size chart and measure your head for best results. Wigs come in all different sizes like Child / Ultra Petite, Petite / Average, Average / Large and Large. However, 95 % of wig wearers are actually classified as an average size.
  • Colour – While most people go for a wig that has the same colour as their natural hair, you should know that there are more than 15 kinds of colours to choose from when it comes to wigs. To find out which colour suits your skin tone, all you need to do is to hold the wig against your skin under a natural light source.
  • Length – What length hair do you prefer – short, medium or long? Well, it’s a good thing that all kinds of options are open for you to experiment with when using a wig. While long – haired people might find tangling of hair and wig a bit bothersome, people with short hair can enjoy a new experience with long hair length wigs.

Tips on what to look for in a wig under special circumstances –

  • For people suffering from complete hair loss, a wig that stays in place all day along with being highly comfortable would do wonders. Lace front wigs, that have a non – slip poly strip undetectably placed at the front of each wig cap ensure proper placement for a long duration.
  • For people who love experimenting with different hairstyles, hand tied wigs are the way to go. Each hair is hand tied to the wig’s soft mesh cap, allowing you to style the wig in different ways without endangering its natural look
  • For people with a sensitive scalp, it is sensible to opt for a wig cap when getting a wig. The cap acts as a barrier that protects your scalp, while keeping the wig in place and providing comfort.
  • Lifestyle also plays a majorly important role in wig selection. For people with simple lifestyles, natural coloured wigs make more sense, while those with flair may choose an entirely new colour. Those who do not want to spend 30 minutes every time they sit to style the hair should definitely not opt for long length wigs.

Another important factor to consider while choosing your first wig is whether you want a synthetic wig or a natural hair wig. While a synthetic wig is cheap and has low maintenance, it lasts for upto 1 – 3 months, cannot be coloured or highlighted, only head defiant heat can be used while styling and it is difficult to prevent tangles. On the othe hand, a Human Hair wig, while being costlier and with a high maintenance, can last for 3- 6 months, can be coloured and highlighted, is resistant to heat and it is easy to prevent tangles while styling and wearing.

Choosing your wigs according to your daily life preferences is of utmost importance. You cannot just choose a wig to change your present lifestyle, you should choose the wig that feels comfortable according to your current lifestyle. A wig is an extension of your own personality, thus it would be absolutely wrong to choose something that’s just not YOU! Choose wisely, choose something that SCREAMS YOU! Good Luck on your quest!

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