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What is the proper attire for a tea party?

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About Tea Party Attire

Tea Party Attire: Tea parties are a stylish way to celebrate and have their dress codes and etiquette rules. Whether you’re going to a tea party or a house party, ensuring you’re dressed appropriately will impress your host and the intelligent one in attendance.

Tea party attire is typically intelligent casual. The dress code for tea parties falls somewhere between business simple and casual. It’s always a noble idea to ask your host about the dress code before attending, as some tea parties call for more formal attire.

Understanding the tea party dress code and etiquette will ensure you can enjoy this special occasion without worrying about whether or not you or your tea party outfits are breaking any rules. Make sure you’re aware of what your host might expect, and you’ll be a route to a great time over tea party attire.

How to Choose a Best Tea Party Attire

How to Choose a Best Tea Party Attire

Tea parties are elegant occasions where you have the opportunity to enjoy tea and snacks with your friends. These can be held in a unique location or organized at home and are fun events for children and adults. In addition, you can use a tea party invitation as an excuse to dress up.

Selecting a Best Tea Party Attire

Take a Look at the Invitation to See how Formal the Tea Party Will be:

  • The appropriate dress code for most tea parties is smart casual. However, if you go to a fancy hotel for tea, your attire may be semi-formal. You can call the host and ask if it’s not specified in the invitation.
  • As the name suggests, the smart casual dress code is a bit strict, but you are still expected to be well dressed. This can include anything from intelligent pants paired with a dress shirt to a heeled dress. Feel free to express your style.

Wear a Charming Dress if you Want a Feminine Look:

  • Tea parties are a fun occasion to dress up, so take the opportunity to get dressed up in your Sunday clothes. Although patterns are popular, especially floral ones, you should avoid all-black outfits.
  • Tea party dresses are usually mid-knee to ankle length, although lengths just above or below the knee are also good choices. Avoid wearing very short dresses as tea parties are not the best occasion for a mini skirt.
  • A perfect look for a spring tea party is a sleeveless dress with a pastel floral pattern.

Wear an Elegant Suit if you Want a Simple and Sophisticated Look:

  • A tailored suit looks great on both a man and a woman, and a tea party is an excellent opportunity to wear it without looking overdressed.
  • You can pair a masculine suit with a brightly colored shirt or tie. Pair a skirt with a matching sweater for a cute, classy look. A skirt and sweater ensemble is age-appropriate clothing. You should choose a dress that comes to the knee or slightly below. You can pin a sparkling brooch to the sweater to make your look even more elegant.
  • Wear a long, tight-waisted skirt, matching chic sweater, oversized sunglasses, and buckled flats to emulate Jackie O. To complete the look; you can add a bucket hat.
  • For a more contemporary look, pair a fitted skirt with a cropped sweater and your favorite heels. A floppy hat with a spectacular bow is an appropriate way to complement this outfit.
  • To emphasize a feminine outfit, you can wear a beautiful blouse.

Go for Skinny Pants for Casual Elegance:

  • Trousers paired with smart shoes and a smart blouse create a timeless look suitable for any tea party. For formal occasions, you can opt for trousers made from a luxurious material such as fine wool or chiffon.
  • Pants are very versatile and can be paired with a shirt, loose top, matching sweater

Pair a Skirt with a Matching Sweater for a Cute, Classy Look:

  • A skirt and sweater ensemble is age-appropriate clothing. It would help to choose a skirt that comes to the knee or slightly below. You can pin a sparkling brooch to the sweater to make your look even more elegant.
  • Wear a long, tight-waisted skirt, matching chic sweater, oversized sunglasses, and buckled flats to emulate Jackie O. To complete the look; you can add a bucket hat.
  • For a more contemporary look, pair a fitted skirt with a cropped sweater and your favorite heels. A floppy hat with a spectacular bow is an appropriate way to complement this outfit.

Wear a Blazer or Scarf When it’s Cold:

  • If you’re concerned about the weather, you can help keep warm by wearing a blazer or scarf. A tailored blazer can spice up a pair of trousers or add a cool touch to a dress. On the other hand, a scarf is a stylish addition to any outfit.
  • You can wrap an ultra-soft knitted scarf around your shoulders to add a feminine touch to a cold-weather wool dress.
  • Pair a blazer with ankle-length pants and cropped boots for a relaxed masculine look. You can roll up your jacket sleeves if it’s a more casual tea party.

Use Accessories for a Tea Party

Wear a Funny Hat if You Want:

If you’ve ever hoped for the chance to wear a big floppy hat, now is the time! Both women and men traditionally wear hats to tea parties. These can range from elaborate wide-brimmed sun hats to simple cloche hats, or you can choose to wear a pretty headpiece or a flower in your hair.

Match your hat with your dress. A fedora, for example, goes perfectly with a men’s suit, while a fascinator can be the perfect accessory for an elegant sheath dress.

Wear White Gloves for a More Formal Event:

  • If you wish, you can pair your outfit with white gloves. This is a great way to feel extra sophisticated when going for tea. Gloves can be short or long, depending on how fancy you want them to be. Longer gloves are considered more formal.
  • The custom is to leave the hat on during tea. However, you must remove your gloves before the service begins.

Go for Simple and Elegant Accessories:

  • You can choose accessories like a pearl necklace, diamond studs (or an excellent imitation) to accentuate your outfit without overdoing it. You can opt for a statement piece (like a sparkling cocktail ring or brooch) and keep the rest of your jewelry simple.
  • You can wear a long string of pearls or a statement necklace with a simple pair of earrings to elevate a neutral shift dress.

Wear Elegant Sandals or Closed Shoes:

  • Go for an elegant pair of shoes that go with your outfit. Open-toe shoes are acceptable in spring and summer, while closed-toe dress shoes are appropriate for any season. Avoid wearing casual shoes (e.g., sneakers or flip-flops).
  • A sleeveless floral dress would go well with a sun hat and platform shoes.
  • You can show your personality in a men’s suit by choosing your favorite shoes, such as B. Openwork leather wingtips or leather loafers.

Go for an Elegant Hairstyle that Accentuates Your Outfit:

  • Whether you have long or short hair, it is possible to create a sophisticated hairstyle. Try to coordinate your hairstyle with your outfit to be appropriate for the special occasion. For example, if you wear a hat, you should consider this when planning your hairstyle.
  • If you have medium to long hair and are wearing an elegantly tailored suit, you can opt for a bun or French braid. Finish off with an elegant hat.
  • A pretty sundress is a perfect outfit to wear your hair in loose waves. A wide-brimmed hat or headpiece will look great with this hairstyle.
  • If you have short hair and are wearing a suit, apply gel to your hair in a pompadour, or wear it side-parted or slicked back.

Keep Your Makeup Polished and Minimal When Wearing:

  • While you don’t have to have a clean face, a tea party is a sophisticated occasion that should be reflected in your makeup. Therefore, your makeup should be kept to a minimum by using concealer, blush, mascara, neutral eye shadow, and lipstick or lip gloss.

Dressing Up for a Children’s Tea Party

Look at the Invitation or Ask the Host About the Party’s Theme:

Children’s tea parties are usually themed (e.g., Alice in Wonderland, princesses, or Victorian costumes). Your child will have more fun at the party when they feel they have dressed appropriately. The subject, if any, should be stated on the invitation. However, if you are unsure, you can contact the host and ask.

Collect Fun Items to Dress Up:

  • After learning the subject, look for fun dress-up items that make the perfect outfit for a tea party. Pastel or neutral tones work well for most of these. You can browse consignment and thrift stores to find the perfect attire that won’t break the bank.
  • Tea parties are the perfect opportunity for girls to wear ruffle dresses if they like to dress up.
  • As another outfit option, boys and girls who dislike dresses can wear a collared shirt with intelligent pants or shorts and smart shoes.

Opt for Elegant Sandals or Closed Evening Shoes:

  • Shoes should match the smartness of the outfit. For example, dressy sandals are an excellent choice for sleeveless dresses, while closed-toe shoes are more appropriate for formal occasions.
  • If your daughter is wearing a ruffled prom dress to a princess party, she can complete her outfit with a pair of pumps and patent leather tights with buckles.
  • Boys’ loafers are a classic option worn with shorts or trousers.

Add Jewelry if You Like:

  • After you’ve chosen your daughter’s outfit, you can shop for fun accessories at a party supply store. Children’s tea parties are a great time to be extravagant, especially when the theme is costumes, so keep an eye out for tiaras, capes, feather boas, and long strands of pearls. Think about what will make your daughter feel special at the party.
  • You can use a bow tie or a felt hat as accessories for a boy.

Especially Style Your Child’s Hair:

  • Since tea parties are special occasions, you should give your child a particular hairstyle. For example, if you consume short hair, you can comb it back or to the side and fix it with pomade or gel. Then, you can style it in curls or braids or pin it up for long hair.
  • A crown fishtail braid is an elegant hairstyle for long hair that is perfect for a princess tea party.
  • Using hair gel, you can create a side parting, pompadour or a slick back look with short hair.
  • You can apply a little curling gel to your daughter’s damp hair if you want to make curls without heat styling. She unwraps sections of her hair from her face and secures the bow close to the scalp with bobby pins. Let the circles sit for at least an hour before rolling them out. Then, apply some more gel to the ends to help the curls hold.


Now that you have a basic understanding of how to dress for a tea party and some etiquette tips to make it a memorable event, you are ready to host your first tea party. These occasions are meant to be fun and easy, so don’t let the dress code or etiquette stop you from having fun. You should have no problem attending your next tea party if you stick to a smart casual dress code. Follow your host when all else fails!


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