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What is the inner lip tattoo called?

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Inner Lip Tattoo:Of the parts of the body, tattoos can make, the inner area of the lip is one of those that is very fun. The only disadvantage is that you must pull your lower lip down with your fingers to show it.

Many of those who get that part of their body tattooed say they do it because they don’t want their tattoo to be seen. But, honestly, there are better parts to choose from without as many inconveniences as mucous membranes can give you. Others prefer them there because it is fashionable to imitate celebrities who show their photos on Instagram or other social networks.

The tattoo on the lip. Designs to choose

We are delighted and want to do something crazy, show our most thug side.

You are euphoric, choosing what design to make. You even drag a friend to get the tattoo together and immortalize the moment with a photo.

Of course, you will not be able to do the Sistine Chapel, and the space is tiny, and the tattooist will have to start the tattoo very deep so that it will place.

I recommend that you choose simple designs that vectorize or symbols. If possible, in black. A very wise choice is to select a word with a simple font. It does not have many complications, and also, since it is about lines, it will heal quickly, it will avoid suffering, and it will be able to review if the tattoo erases. That is one of the drawbacks.


One of the drawbacks is that it tends to disappear quickly. It needs more care, and you’ll have to have it done in less than a year, with a lot of luck. People have seen the inner lip tattoo in less time, even during the healing process.

An inner lip tattoo will likely heal faster than a tattoo elsewhere on the body, as the mouth is a place that tends to heal wounds quite quickly. But the problem is that we will use our mouths often, inserting cutlery to eat or clean our teeth. Excessive humidity and what contains saliva, together with the teeth rubbing, will also influence the tattoo to be erased or not heal properly, as happens with the piercings in the mouth. Also, all this means that you will be more prone to infections.

Another thing you should know is that they hurt, and a lot. And it has a good inflammation during the first days. Think of a sore in the mouth, how painful and annoying it is. Expect that it will hurt during the tattooing and healing process.

If you are still determined to do it, I leave you some tips for caring for your tattoo.

Tattoo care inside the lip:

-Avoid passing your tongue over the area.

-You should keep the tattoo as dry as possible for the first few days until it heals. Your tattoo artist will give you some advice to follow the letter.

It is generally recommended to put the paper between the lips and teeth. That way, it won’t rub against the tattoo. There are recommendations where advice put the piece under the tongue and cheeks, where the salivary glands are. If you do this, don’t even think about leaving it on at night, as you could swallow the paper or suffocate in your sleep.

-Avoid lotions, antimicrobial soaps and mouthwashes, as they are very aggressive and tend to erase the ink.

-Do not drink, during the healing process, acidic drinks, cola drinks or alcohol.

-If you see the tattoo fading, wait at least a month to touch it up.

-Do not be scared if you see swelling or bruises, and it is usual for them to appear. If things worsen and do not heal properly, see your doctor as soon as possible.

Something to always remember:

Tattoos are not a matter of Fashion. Do not carry away by trends but by your own decisions and desires. A tattoo is to show off a work of art, not hide it.
Things you should know before tattooing your lips
It is a complicated place: it is in constant friction with the teeth, it hurts like no other tattoo, and the result will not be what you expected.
The trend continued, and the inner lip tattoo became a tattoo option that more and more people chose. However, the immediacy of this decision means that fundamental issues are forgotten and, therefore, that those who do it soon regret it.

So that it does not happen to you, take into account these things before tattooing your lips:

The design of the inner lip tattoo has limits

Before getting a tattoo in this area, you must be clear about what design you want to wear. It can’t be a long sentence or a figure with many details: the small area of your lips will limit you to simple and small designs, usually just one word.
It is not seen without you manipulating your lips
You can take it to your advantage if you intend to hide your tattoo. But, what is the case if you don’t want to show it? For it to be noticed, you must extend your lips downwards, which is not always comfortable, and over time it will begin to tire you or even cause gum problems.

The ink disappears or spreads quickly

One year is the estimated time for this type of tattoo. The reason is simple: it is in a place where it constantly rubs against teeth, saliva, food, cutlery, etc. In addition, the mucosa of the mouth prevents the ink from staying in place for a long time.
can be easily infected
Precisely because it is in contact with food all the time, it is a place that is highly prone to infection. The mouth has antiseptic mechanisms, but they won’t be enough if you catch some vital bacteria. In addition, for a long time, you will not be able to use mouthwash.

It hurts a lot

Due to the nerve endings that are in this place, the pain is extremely intense. Even much more than a piercing. If your pain tolerance is low, you’d better think twice before you jump in and stay in the middle.

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