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What are burgundy nails?

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Burgundy Nails:It is a colour similar to garnet, but unlike it, it tends slightly to pink/purple. I think the best bet for impeccable nails on weekdays is this. Plus, it’s perfect for any outfit! Due to its versatility, it combines beautifully with many shades of clothing.

It is a somewhat aggressive colour with strength and character, so I recommend wearing it with not very long nails and a round or square shape. Thus, the hand is soft, and the fingers are stylized and elegant.

This burgundy tone has a slight metallic hue, making it even more special than if it were flat.
At the moment, I’ve had nothing more and nothing less than three days with the nail polish on, and it’s perfect as if I had just painted my nails.

The brush is fine, and the handle is elongated and anatomical, so it seems perfect for precisely painting the nail. With one pass, it covers a lot of the pins, I would almost say that it can be left as is, but I recommend two keys so that the colour looks more powerful and lasts longer. In the photos, you can see it with a top coat, but the finish is gleaming. Its expiration is 18 months, it has 11 ml (neither too much nor too little, great), and it’s 3-free 😀 Also, it dries relatively quickly.

Are you looking for a unique, simple and elegant nail polish? If so, Burgundy is a great option. In this post, we share our 35 most popular burgundy nail polishes with which we think you will fall in love.
Burgundy is a unique nail polish colour making the rounds on the internet, and everyone should start using it as soon as possible.

Burgundy is a deep plum red, almost like wine for the uninitiated. It gets its name from Burgundy wine (from the Burgundy region of France), and it has purple undertones that give it a beautiful plum colour.
Burgundy nails are worn out during the fall season and the holidays. However, you can garb them year-round if you avoid patterns that associate the colour with Christmas and other holidays. Burgundy nails look great, in our opinion, especially with a matte finish.

As with any nail kit, you can get stunning burgundy nails. However, if you prefer a manicure, save your favourite design to your phone and take it to your nearest nail technician.

Who is Burgundy suitable for?

The burgundy colour obtains by mixing black with red in different proportions. Yellow, blue and grey are also added in small amounts for bright and muted tones. As a result, burgundy shades include cherry with a purple tint, mahogany, marsala, bright red, ruby, dark pink, and coral Burgundy.

Before choosing a burgundy manicure, deciding whether it is right for you is essential. Despite the relevance of colour, it must blend harmoniously with clothes and reveals the peculiarities of the owner’s character. Otherwise, you will quickly get bored with nail art, which is especially bad when applying gel polish, which remains in its original form for up to two weeks.

Psychologists say that strong and confident people choose Burgundy. It gives the image of arrogance and grandeur. Suitable for experienced women who know what they want from life. So that the people around you do not unconsciously perceive the burgundy colour on your nails as an arrogant trait, it is essential to be able to combine a manicure with the main style or dilute it with other shades, which we will talk about a little later.
Unlike the above, Burgundy can not only repel but also attract. In some cases, it is considered warmth and simplicity. Therefore, it can use for parties and social events and daily use.
Most of all, a burgundy manicure is suitable for a business clothing style, giving an image of elegance, seriousness and perseverance. The shade can also distinguish a girl from the crowd while at the same time conveying joy and brightness.

The only difference is that the tips do not have to be white, and Burgundy also looks good. The smile line does not have to be perfectly semicircular, and it can play the role of the contour of the nail plate or visually lengthen the nail in a triangular shape. The ombre technique has migrated from hair to nails. All shades of red, including wine and Burgundy, can be placed on one nail. Another type of staining involves overflows of colour from one nail to another.

Negative Space manicure looks extravagant and unusual. Stripes and geometric shapes on a burgundy background look great in gold.

What colours does Burgundy combine?

Depending on the shade of Burgundy, it combines with different clothes. Bright hues combine an evening look and neutral tones – an office style and a simple bow. The correct colour composition creates the complete image of a stylish and confident girl. Therefore, we will consider the most successful options:
The combination of Burgundy and black is considered a classic, and the composition is sober and practical. So that the manicure and clothing set does not look too gothic and inexpressive, you can add a third colour, for example, white.

Light shades of grey go well with deep Burgundy. The girl looks stylish and modern.
Burgundy with white is considered a bright combination and light tones accentuate the depth and richness of a vibrant burgundy.

The contrast of blue with Burgundy emphasizes the passion and energy of the owner. The combination of dark shades looks noble and restrained, and bright colours accentuate the girl’s showiness.
The composition of Burgundy with cream, caramel and beige looks refined and elegant. The combination of yellow and cherry shades emphasizes the active leadership position. It resembles an autumn palette, so it looks harmonious.

Tenderness and grace can emphasize by combining burgundy manicures with clothes in pink tones.
The combination with green looks original and unusual However, this combination uses carefully. Otherwise, it will lead to depression. Choose a dark green colour palette.
You will look dazzling at the party if you wear a dress in shades of gold under a burgundy manicure. The luxurious combination is mesmerizing and looks majestic.

How does Burgundy look on short nails?

Burgundy is one of the seven classic colours that look great on short nails, visually lengthens the nail plate, and gives hands nobility. That is why, if you like naturalness, pay attention to this type of manicure:
Lunar manicure with transparent holes and burgundy main background looks noble. The nail of the ring finger can be designed in the form of a gradient, smoothly turning into a silver colour, and in the middle, it can decorate with rhinestones.

On short nails of a square shape, bright burgundy varnish looks excellent. Focusing on the ring finger is better, whereas a butterfly with large wings can depict on transparent background with acrylic paints.
A burgundy gel polish with a matte texture looks elegant and original on the nails. On one nail plate, you can add bulky drops of clear varnish, and they will create the effect of falling morning dew.
Ideas for a beautiful burgundy manicure.

a gradient of burgundy shades can complete on each nail with a regular kitchen sponge;
The burgundy manicure looks original, the ends of which dott with golden sparkles;
a classic jacket can transform using various colours (for example, a burgundy smile on a dark green background);

leopard manicure looks fantastic if the spots are in black and Burgundy;
the thematic design of the nail plate attracts attention (for example, in the New Year, it can depict a white snowflake on a burgundy background).

Common mistakes

Do not use metal tools, as they can damage the cuticle, which will significantly reduce the quality of the manicure;
correctly combine colours (Burgundy looks terrible in composition with acid shades);
front side decorative design, be sure to prepare your hands on the nail plate, degrease the nails so that the coating is even;
do not cut the cuticle; move it so as not to hurt yourself;
sand the nails in one direction so that there are no chips and cracks;
use a base for varnish;
do not shake the bottle of varnish; otherwise, it will separate into separate components;
choose the time and place for the manicure; for example, you will rush into the office.
Basic ideas for nail design with burgundy varnish.
We offer you a selection of photos with the most fashionable and relevant options for burgundy nail design.

Burgundy Gel Nail Design

Beautiful design with matte and shiny burgundy lacquer gel coat with a cat’s eye effect.

With the help of silver foil for nail art, you can make a beautiful accent with the effect of broken glass on a manicure using a gel polish of dark burgundy colour.

Very effective burgundy colour with bright white trim.

The length is a vibrant burgundy manicure design with black broths and multicoloured rhinestones.

The extravagant design of long nails with a burgundy-black gradient transition. This design is awe-inspiring and elegant with a matte finish.

Such a gradient looks less impressive in a glossy finish on short nails.

Burgundy nail design with gold.

Burgundy nail design with gold.


See how spectacular gold diagonal stripes look on one nail of a matte burgundy manicure with holes on short nails.

Note the deep burgundy hue with white and gold stained glass on the ring finger nail.

The shade “ripe cherry” with delicate gold trim and rhinestones adorns each marigold’s holes, making the manicure elegant.

Burgundy with gold glitter accents looks feminine and elegant.

Choose a manicure combination with Burgundy and gold glitter polish for long sharp na

How to make a burgundy nail design at home?

We suggest you make a simple burgundy nail design with step-by-step photos. Using these simple techniques, you can create a beautiful burgundy manicure at home.
Apply clear base polish to your nails and let it dry.
Use masking tape to form triangular holes.
Cover your nails with burgundy varnish without touching the selected area.
After the varnish is dry, apply a clear fixative.
Cover your nails with a lilac matte finish and wait for them to dry.
Put the adhesive tape vertically in the middle of your nails.
Remove the tape and cover half with burgundy varnish.
After the varnish is dry, apply the fixer.
Cover your nails with clear polish.
While not dry, dip marigolds in burgundy glitter.
When the nails are dry, use a damp cloth to wipe off any remaining glitter from the skin around the nails.

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