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How do you do TikTok eyeliner?

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TikTok Eyeliner

TikTok Eyeliner is one of the most versatile makeup products in earlier. Everyone has their preferred method, process, and look in a nearly endless color palette. There’s a classic cat-eye, jet-black liquid liner; some opt for a thick or thin brush with a bottle of gel and add water to make new pigments; and some prefer a quick and easy solid chalk pencil that turns the eyes into a space for creation, a canvas for a complete look.

On TikTok, makeup artists constantly bring new eyeliner trends, from bold graphic looks to simple, elegant wings. So are you looking for a new eyeliner trend to up your makeup game?

What is the Eyeliner Effect on TikTok?

What is the Eyeliner Effect on TikTok_

TikTok’s eyeliner filter registers the eyeliner for you. So if you like the thick eyeliner look, you must trace it to get the perfect shape. TikTok inventor Mirta Miler shows precisely how it’s done. In her video, she puts on the filter and carefully traces it specifically as she sees it, eyeliner and all.

Below are the Popular Eyeliner Trends on TikTok

Pearly Swirls and a Bold Wing

Sleek matte with a bit of shimmer, this is a fun and creative way to mix pigment into your eyeliner. More accessible than they look, these sparkly swirls will make you look and feel like a professional makeup artist.

Baby Blue Waterlines

You’ve heard of using white or peach eyeliner on the waterline for more enormous eyes, but get ready for a baby blue eyeliner on your waterline for bold, accented eyes. Upbeat and fun, the TikTokkers genie shines again with this simple yet effective makeup trick.

Using Dark Brown Eyeshadow as Liner

Swapping your eyeliner for a dark brown eyeshadow is hugely influential for a sultry smokey eye look. However, a sleek, faded brim has never been so easy.

White Eyeliner

Perfect for spring and summer, white eyeliner will add a dose of radiant glow to your complexion. As versatile and dynamic as white eyeliner is, you can play with its shape: a simple wing is always the way to go, but graphic arches and cut creases only add to the fun.

Cleopatra Eyeliner

Reminiscent of the ’60s, this Cleopatra eyeliner is much simpler than it looks. For a bold, editorial look, rub the crease and add a retro touch to any look.

Rainbow Graphic Eyeliner

Incorporating color into your eye look takes this trend to a new level. Bold and vibrant, blending gradient shades across the lid before topping it off with a militant black wing is a recipe for an unfailingly chic and cute liner look.

Animal Eyeliner Shapes

The timeless cat eye look is kept company with Fox Eyeliner and Puppy Eyeliner. Differences in the scope and form of the wings change the appearance of your eye, giving it a quick lift or a rounder, fuller appearance. So who needs surgery when you have eyeliner?

Simple Cut-Crease Flames

Art is made easy with this look. A minimalist flame pattern paired with a classic wing takes eyeliner to the next level, adding streetwear and urban vibes to your makeup routine with just a few swipes.

Pops of Color with Winged Eyeliner

Perfect for spring and summer looks, this eyeliner formula changes everything. Pair a bold, vibrant shade with your eyeliner and apply to the inner and outer edges of your lid for added fun.

Artistic Graphic Eyeliner

Last but not least, trying your hand at colorful graphic eyeliner is the season’s trend. Anything from little hearts or stars to larger abstract shapes can be accessed – practice makes perfect, and if you mess it up, it’s all part of the look anyway!

TikTok’s Transparent Eyeliner Trend Is the Coolest New Take on No-Makeup Makeup

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from all these beauty rabbit holes on TikTok, there’s more than one way to wear makeup. Today, even the most specific products can be magical multitaskers. What we didn’t see coming, however, is the trend toward thin eyeliner. It turns out your trusty concealer can do much more than camouflage dark circles and make pimples disappear — it’s also a great way to line your eyes.

The technique is all about using concealer and the natural color of your lid to create a lifted eyeliner shape to add a subtle form to the eyes, says Charlie Riddle, Art Director at Stila Cosmetics.

So why is sheer eyeliner suddenly taking TikTok by storm? It’s something anyone can do, most likely with products they already have, and it’s simple but effective, explains Riddle. It’s also ridiculously flattering. “It gives the eyes a lifted look, which can make them look more awake and open.” He credits TikTok creator and makeup artist May Akhtar with creating the trend.

Find the Right Shade

The first thing you need to know about applying transparent eyeliner is finding the right shade for you. Riddle recommends choosing a shade similar to your skin tone but slightly lighter. It has to be weaker than your natural lid color to create this negative space shape. If it’s too close to a match, it just shuffles.

Choose Your Brush Wisely

The tools of the trade can make or break a look. “This technique works best with an eyeliner brushes,” says Riddle. “The Dior Backstage Eyeliner Brush #24 ($26) is good because it’s flat and easy to apply. Stila Pixel Perfect Concealer ($24) could also be a great option.”

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“Take your concealer (or nude waterline pencil, nude eyeshadow, etc.) and create a winged shape at the bottom corner of your eye and the top of your bottom lash and blend them into a peak,” Riddle says. “Leave the gap-free of products because your natural color is your eyeliner.”

Perfect Your Handiwork

The finishing touch is easy as pie. “Once you’ve achieved the eyeliner shape you want, take the same brush and blend the edges of the concealer to blur the edges while keeping the product sharp so you don’t lose the shape of the eyeliner,” says Riddle.

Is the TikTok Eyeliner Trend Safe?

There are many makeup trends on TikTok, but a new makeup trend is taking the online world by storm. Using tape as a template/ruler has become the go-to for applying beauty products like eyeliner or eyeshadow, helping to create the perfect cat flick. But, although this makeup hack looks stunning and deceptively simple, is it safe for your eyes?

The skin around your eyes is soft and delicate compared to the rest of your body. Therefore, we need to be more careful in this area, so removing the tape from the eyes is probably not a good idea. Repeated application of eye tape can remove the top layer of skin. Although exfoliation can be beneficial in helping your skin maintain that glow, the thin, delicate skin around your eyes is one area you should avoid!


A new makeup trend, “transparent eyeliner,” is gaining popularity on TikTok. The move involves using concealer or eyeliner to create a negative space eyeliner look.

When it comes to makeup, simple makeup with crazy eyeshadows, tons of highlights and contours, or eyeliner never looks good. So instead, look pretty basic most of the time: tinted moisturizer, blush, and maybe a few swipes of mascara.

When “transparent eyeliner” went viral on TikTok, it was hyped as the perfect trend for minimalist makeup fans (aka me). In the past, eyeliner was considered minimalist.

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