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How to Make a Car Insurance Claim After an Accident

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Personal Injury Accident

Personal Injury Accident: After a car accident, there are many questions: Which formalities must be completed? What to do with the broken car? Who pays the damage? What is important now

  • Checklist: Secure the scene of the accident, take photos as evidence, look for witnesses
  • Assumption of costs: When can the workshop start with the repair
  • Repair accident damage or not? Possibility of fictitious billing

While reading this paragraph, there has been another crash somewhere in Germany: Statistically speaking, there is an accident every twelve seconds in this country. Usually just body damage, but annoying for everyone involved. Hardly anyone knows what to do now. We answer the ten most vital questions – from filling out the accident report to enforcing your claims.

What Should I do First After The Car Accident?

What Should I do First After The Car Accident_

  • Secure the sight of the accident: switch on the hazard warning lights and then set up the warning triangle – at a distance of 50 to 100 meters.
  • It would help if you had a safety vest in the car. And it makes sense to wear them too, especially on busy roads and with poor visibility.
  • Provide first aid; if necessary, call an ambulance
  • Then collect evidence. This includes photos of the scene of the accident and
    The damage to the cars.
  • Look around for witnesses, and take their details.
  • Clarify with the other party that the accident occurred and whether the police should be called.
  • On request, you must show the driver’s license and vehicle registration document to the other party involved in the accident
  • The most important thing: exchange data! Fill out the accident report with the other party involved in the crash – it belongs in every glove compartment.

You Have Rights After A Personal Injury Accident

  • A traffic accident overwhelms most of those affected, which applies in particular if you were involved through no fault of your own.
  • In the confusion that ensues, many victims overlook the rights they are entitled to after a traffic accident.
  • For example, can a rental car be used? And is there a right to compensation for pain and suffering? Who bears the costs of a lawyer?
  • This guide gives you an overview of what claims you are entitled to after a traffic accident, and the most critical Points are discussed in detail.

Involved In An Accident Over No Fault Of Your Own: These Claims Follow

This guide is dedicated to accident victims who are not to blame for the collision. Accidents caused by negligence or even intentionally are not dealt with here from the point of view of the causer.

You are entitled to the following claims after a traffic accident:

  • Repair costs or replacement value: Depending on the extent of the damage, the car will be repaired (then you will receive the repair costs) or replaced with an equivalent one (then you will be entitled to the replacement value)
  • Prices for an expert/assessor, which quantifies the amount of damage to your vehicle
  • Loss of use compensation or rental car costs
  • settlement for pain and suffering and treatment costs
  • Loss of earnings: If you are powerless to work as a result of the accident, you are entitled to appropriate compensation
  • costs for a lawyer

We look closely at some claims after a traffic accident in the following.

Are you Entitled To A Rental Car After A Personal Injury Accident?

If you must have your vehicle repaired after an accident that is not your fault, you have the right to a temporary rental car.

The costs for this are borne by the other party involved in the accident or their insurance company.

But beware: You only have the right to do so if you need a car. A so-called insignificant limit of 30 km per day applies here, and if you usually drive less, it will be more difficult to enforce your claims.

By the way: Your claims after a traffic accident are not unlimitedThe rental car may be of the same value as your damaged vehicle – but not of a higher value.

It would aid if you similarly looked for an inexpensive landlord.

Is There A Right To Compensation For Pain And Suffering?

If a person in an accident is injured – i.e., his body is damaged – he is often entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. Those affected can also apply for payment in the event of psychological impairments as a result of the consequences of the accident – ​​such as trauma or emotional shock.


If you are injured, seek medical care immediately. If necessary, call an ambulance. The police will file a report which is essential for your records. Photograph the scene of the accident with a cell phone or camera.

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