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Makeup Kit Essentials for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If you are a beginner in makeup, then knowing a few basic rules and essentials is important. Loving makeup is one thing and knowing about the right thing to do is another thing. Hence, along with your love of makeup it is important to learn and understand the basic essentials you must have in your makeup kit as a beginner. Let us learn about a few of the basic makeup essentials for a beginner that will help you to build your vanity.


The first and the foremost product that you must have in your beginners makeup kit is a cleanser. Cleaning your face before you begin your makeup is extremely important. Because in this step your skin will be completely clean and all the dirt, grime, and pollutants will be removed from your face. Cleansing your skin ensures a clean and a clear canvas to begin your makeup. Once your cleansing is done make sure you apply a moisturiser that will hydrate your skin from within.


Another makeup essential for beginners is a primer. Your primer is more important than you realise until and unless you actually use it. So your primer helps in creating a film between your skin and your makeup so that your skin is well protected and your makeup blends flawlessly. Your primer makes your makeup last much longer without making it smudge or budge. It is your primer that makes your makeup waterproof and sweat proof at the same time. Your makeup kit can be called one of the best make up kit when it includes a primer because in makeup, a primer is definitely a game changer.

Foundation or a BB cream

Your beginners makeup kit must definitely include a foundation or a BB cream so that your skin looks even toned and glowing. If you don’t have a BB cream, then a beginner’s makeup tip to create your own BB cream is by mixing a tiny drop of your foundation with your serum or your moisturiser and applying it all over your face. This trick will not only give your skin a glowing finish but it will also hydrate your skin from within. As a beginner you must know that your foundation must suit your exact skin tone for a flawless finish. A shade lighter or a shade darker might make your skin look dark and also it will make your makeup look oxidised.

Different variants of lipsticks

Your beginners makeup kit must also include different variants of lipsticks so that you will be sorted for any type of weather and any type of makeup look. If you have dry lips then make sure you have a bunch of creamy lipsticks. If you are someone who likes matte look then make sure you have a few bullet matte lipsticks and also a few liquid matte lipsticks depending on the type of look you want to create for yourself. Having a variety of different lipsticks also works like a great beginners make up guide for different uses of lipsticks like – a blush, eyeshadow base, contour, and also colour corrector.

Compact Powder

When you are learning about beginners makeup guide, then another basic makeup item that you must add to your list is a compact powder. Your compact powder not only helps in setting your makeup and giving it a beautiful and a fresh matte finish, but it is also a great product when it comes to makeup touch-ups. On days when you don’t want to wear any makeup, a really easy beginners makeup tip is to hydrate your skin with a moisturiser and follow it up with a primer and then apply your compact powder all over your face and your neck for an instantly glowing skin. Hence, a compact powder is a great product when it comes to picking makeup products for beginners.


Buying kajal online is extremely easy and you can choose your favourite product instantly. But did you know that as a beginner you can use your kajal in multiple ways and it is a great makeup product that is extremely easy to use. You can use your kajal for your water line which you might already know, but apart from this you can also use your kajal to create a subtle smokey eye look by smudging it with just your fingers. You can also create your winged eyeliner with your kajal – all you need to do is apply your kajal on your waterline and drag it outwards using your finger. This will give you an easy winged eyeliner look. Hence having a kajal in your vanity can change your entire makeup game.


  1. Is it necessary to follow a pre makeup skincare routine?

As a beginner in makeup, it is absolutely important to understand the importance of pre-make up skincare routine because if you skip this step your make-up is going to look patchy and your skin is going to look dry. Taking care of your skin before makeup is extremely essential so that your skin remains healthy and glowing even after makeup.

  1. Is it necessary to apply a primer before makeup?

Yes, it is extremely important to apply a primer before you begin your makeup because it is your primer that creates a fine canvas for your makeup. Your primer also makes your makeup last much longer and makes it waterproof and sweat proof.

  1. Which is the best place to swatch a foundation?

The best area to swatch your foundation is around your lower cheek and your neck. This will give you a clear idea of how your foundation would look rather than swatching it on your hand or on your wrist.

  1. How to apply a red lipstick without matching?

As a beginner it is important to know that whenever you are planning to wear a dark-coloured lipstick or a red lipstick, it is important to use our lip liner first so that you get a clean and a precise finish. Once you are done with your lip liner, you can then apply your lipstick easily without any mess.

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