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Lifestyle Lounge: Living in a Lounge’s Fashion in 2024

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Lifestyle lounge, you can embrace it anywhere: in a bar, in a hotel, in a nightclub, even in a supermarket. Because the living room, the totality of everything that creates mental and physical well-being, is a prevalent trend. Hardly any home can do without a living room these days – an oasis of undisturbed tranquility, a living room interior lifestyle.

What is a Lifestyle Lounge?

What is a Lifestyle Lounge_

The first thing that attacks you when you walk into a lifestyle Lounge is the scent of fresh flowers and relaxing music. You are greeted by the staff who introduce themselves, take your coat and offer you a drink.

Once you find a spot, you’ll discover countless ways to relax. From meditation to massage therapy and career counseling to life coaching, there is something for everyone at a lifestyle salon.

Lifestyle lounges are for people who need space to reflect on their lives and figure out what they want from them. It allows people to discover their passions without feeling judged or criticized freely. They offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life so people can focus on themselves for a while and figure out what they want.

Why are You Looking for a Lifestyle Lounge?

A lifestyle Lounge is a planned place where people come together to live the life they want.

Lifestyle lounges are common in places like Hogwarts, but not so much in the real world. We are here to change that. We designed our lifestyle salon for people who feel like something is missing in their lives, and we think you could be one of them.

Origin of the Style

Idleness – this is how “lounge” translates, a term that emerged in the middle of the last century in response to the frenetic rhythms of megacities, frantic and stressful. The concept was first established musically: light orchestral melodies that sounded calm and relaxed in hotel lobbies, restaurants, elevators, and coffee shops. Unsurprisingly, the interior designers soon picked up the living room as an idea.

From the History of the Lounge

The history of the salon is disputed, and some think this is music that primarily evolved from acid jazz. This history of light music began in modern times with acid jazz, which is associated with the group “Us3”. Then suddenly, everyone was carried away by the easy Italian list.

A few years ago, Nicola Conte’s debut album, Bossa Per Due, became another chapter in the history of the Lounge. Acid jazz and bossa nova, combined with a sound reproduction reminiscent of the Italian cinema of the 70s, are the main actors in Conte’s music. To call it super original would be an exaggeration. Instead, he is sometimes more thoughtful than other Italian colleagues.

There is an opinion that the Lounge is nothing more than a mutated and slowed-down Easy Listening Music, which was born on walks 150 years ago and has become a pop alternative to jazz, which came about through the efforts of such luminaries as Les Baxter, Ray Conifer, Herb Alpert, and Eddie Calvert.

The Geography of the Modern Lounge

Lounge music lovers rightly consider France, Germany, Italy, and Japan the most progressive countries. Now they record Lounge wherever possible, now even in Russia. In April 2004, UNI MANAGEMENT successfully organized the first Russian lounge festival with the support of Café Del Mar Music. The winner was Triangle Sun. He went on tour to Café Del Mar (Barcelona, ​​​​Ibiza) and got a contract with UNI MANAGEMENT. For DJs, the winner was Maxim N-Dee.

In France, the most famous band is AIR. His poignant watercolor pastiches are often referred to as “post-Pink Floyd.” “Dimitry from Paris” paved the way for the “new French wave” with his album “Sacrebleu,” which mixed cocktails of jazz, exotic hipster, and modern electronica. And Leila France, the girlfriend of the famous avant-garde Momus, sadly sings relatively honest lyrics on the Parisian stage, all in the same “light” direction.

In Italy. Nicola Konte is a DJ, musician, and one of the ideological founders of the FEZ art community, the compiler of an excellent “Break n Boss” series of collections with a kind of deep-sea bossa nova. Italian expression at its finest, Montefiori Cocktail is a hilarious jazz cocktail. These guys indulge in musical eccentricity.

“Stereo De Luxe” turns on in Germany. This is a specific raskardash, which the musicians themselves call “boogie punk.” Another salon is Le Hammond Inferno. Two left-handed disc jockeys, the founders of Bungalow Rec, the leading preachers of lounge ideology in Europe.

Japan was also not spared from the general mania in the hall: “Pizzicato 5” is the most well-known Japanese team. However, there is also Kahimi Karie, a lazy baby who doesn’t even sing but whispers his songs, and Towa Tei, a former member of the famous team Dee Lite, who calls her style “robot pop.”

In Holland, two monsters from Amsterdam, Arling, and Cameron, compose Japanese music in spirit. The latest album combines the soundtracks of 12 imaginary films in a stunning collage.

Life in the Style of a Lounge

  • Lifestyle Lounge: lightness, close to euphoria. But pop music is also easy; where is it more accessible? Therefore, evil pops often pay homage to many masterpieces of this style and play them on their pop channels.
  • But the living room is not only weightless; its hallmarks are depth, the abandonment of all tension, concentration, idleness, and 100% relaxation.
  • Lounge music has gradually become a lifestyle for people looking to pamper themselves and relax. You can even paint under the hall if you have the knack. The threshold can be associated with Haruki Murakami from the works of modern writers. In painting – with the Impressionists’ work from Lautrec to Degas, Monet, and Manet. In the cinema, the room rarely slides. Luc Besson’s “Deep Blue” – a film with melodic electronics – finished.
  • Imagine a floating restaurant, garlands of lanterns, a warm night, lilacs, the breeze from the south, a relaxed crowd, and a must-have martini for any party… Oh, the dance floor of the Costa Azzurra! Do you know what a salon is? Then a cocktail!

Characteristic Features of the Lifestyle Lounge

Creating a living room is easy and difficult. The main thing is to organize it, so everything is at hand and does not require unnecessary movements and effort. Modern furniture designers cope well with this problem, but other interior tasks – color, lighting, shapes, and textures – are solved not only by designers but also by psychologists and even physiologists. A harmonious and well-designed living room is a joint product of specialists who can achieve complete relaxation and immerse a person in blissful calm.

The lifestyle lounge is characterized by:

  • Blurred smooth lines
  • Muted tones
  • Soft and pleasant to the touch fabrics
  • scattered light
  • Moderation of decorative elements.

Materials and Furniture

Although the lifestyle lounge belongs to modern trends, it prefers natural materials. This applies to both finishing materials and decorative elements. For walls, ceilings, and also floors, the best is:

  • Wood
  • Paper, fabric wallpaper
  • A natural stone
  • Matte ceramic tiles
  • And for upholstery, numerous pillows and curtains
  • Soft skin
  • velvet
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Tulle or cambric

The lifestyle lounge lover never stands up when he can sit down and never sits down when he can lie. And that is why the sofas play the first role in the lounge area. Located in a semicircle or along the perimeter, they isolate the back of the room from the rest of the room for passive relaxation.

In most cases, these are low, reasonably deep, modular upholstered furniture with padded armrests. Especially suitable are sun loungers – sofas and armchairs, whose backs change the inclination and at the bottom of which there is a retractable footrest. Serious connoisseurs can look forward to more: loungers with cup holders, integrated power outlets, laptop trays, a wet bar, an MP3 player, back massage features, heated seats, and also even an aromatherapy program.

Color Solutions

On the one hand, the colors should be calm and as natural as possible; on the other hand, to please the eye and evoke pleasant associations. Neutral and calming colors are used as a base: creamy white, caramel green, cream, and lavender.

In the bedroom, shades are often thickened, creating the illusion of night: dark grey, calm burgundy, or brown is added to the leading tone. The living room bedroom color scheme was primarily designed to relieve tension and also help “reset” the body. In the living room, decorating the lounge area, you can use more juicy favorite colors in the form of fragments – a little lemon, pink or turquoise.

Textile and Light

Often the lounge area is a “colony” of cushions and pillows. Hence they cover the sofas and the floor and “work” with benches. Delicate velvety fabrics are used for pillowcases; they are decorated with fur, leather, suede, knitwear, fringe, and tassels. Upholstery colors are pastel and also warm: mint shades, peach, and coffee with milk. Curtains and curtains, which sometimes separate the lounge area from the rest of the room, are often multi-layer, airy, like sails. Carpets and this is one of the obligatory lounge attributes, look for a long pile, increased “fluffiness” – those on which you can lie on without a pillow.


The lifestyle room loses all meaning if the room is overloaded with jewelry, paintings, photographs, or mirrors. Textile articles such as cushions, rugs, curtains, and blankets fulfill the aesthetic mission well. Can something be added? – Try it. The most suitable items for the living room are an aquarium, a plant in a tub, a vase of flowers, and also a hookah. In the bedroom, it can be an exquisite dream catcher, and also some tropical vegetation or aromatic candles in the bathroom.


A lifestyle Lounge is a place where you can get the support and also guidance you need to live the life you want. The key to your life is finding what you want, defining it, and also putting in the work necessary to create it. A lifestyle salon is a great place to start when you’re ready to take the next step.