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How do I land my dream job?

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About Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job

Tips to Land Your Dream Job: It doesn’t matter what you are; the main thing is that it makes you happy – Farin Urlaub, a doctor member, sang these lines. What you enjoy and what your professional goals are, you should be able to answer that for yourself. You may not have reached the point where you can do what you love best at work every day, but that doesn’t mean that goal is unattainable; nine tips on how to get your dream job with staying power and perseverance.


Visualization is a term that comes up again and again when achieving goals. Imagination is an essential tool if you want to land your dream job. But can you dream it up? Not quite. The theory is that the picture of success in your mind is stored in the subconscious and acts as a motivator because the subconscious doesn’t differentiate between reality and fantasy.

Role Models

Look for role models in your environment. Approach acquaintances who work in your dream job and ask them to talk – for example, invite them to a coffee as a thank you. The most important question you can ask them is, how did this person get to where you are now? Meetups in your area are another great way to network and get to know people working in your dream job.

Biographies and Literature

Since you usually can’t talk face-to-face with celebrities in your dream job, you have another option: read biographies of people who landed your dream job to learn more about their backgrounds. To do this, buy or borrow books in which you can find out everything about your dream job and how to get there.


Because of what you have read, you know exactly where you want to go and which steps will lead you there. But visualization and determination are not enough to make progress yourself. Instead, you have to plan your path to your dream job as precisely as possible, with intermediate goals and milestones for which you set realistic deadlines. A tip: We often overestimate what we can achieve within a year, and however, we underestimate what can be completed in the more extended, manageable period of three years. So plan realistic periods and set intermediate goals representing small steps toward your overall goal.

Advanced Training to Get the Dream Job

Advanced Training to Get the Dream Job

You have planned your next steps, and now it is time to implement them. Since you don’t have your dream job yet, it’s safe to assume that there are still a few steps missing in your professional development to achieve it. So get start with further active training, for example, in online courses or at the adult education center. If you are presently working full-time, you have the opportunity, for example, to attend further training courses on the weekends. Another option is to apply for educational leave if additional training of your wishes in your federal state is suitable. Platforms like Coursera and Udacity Some universities offer online courses free of charge, and anyone who completes a course can optionally obtain a certificate. Free programming courses are also available on platforms like Code Academy.

Daily Focus

Every day you get a little bit closer to your goal. A morning ritual helps some people to focus, for example, drawing a daily horoscope at Questico or a short meditation. Sports activities are another ritual that contributes to your success. It doesn’t have to be the HIIT workout right away: If this is too strenuous for you. You can copy the daily walking ritual from successful minds like Charles Dickens and Tchaikovsky.

Breaks Instead of Frustration

If you work without a break, you will not reach your goal faster, but you will gain a state of exhaustion. Dogged activism is, therefore, not the right way. It is well known that breaks and downtime promote well-being and the creativity it takes to be successful and find meaningful solutions to problems that stand in your way on your way to your dream job. Therefore, include breaks and time-outs in your daily routine and overall plan.

Good Preparation is Half the Battle

Preparation is everything: This applies to business appointments, negotiations, job interviews, and networking opportunities. If you are perfectly prepare, you will be remembered fondly as it shows that you value the time of those around you who are willing to help you on your way – be it through collaboration or good advice.

Don’t take Setbacks Personally

Failure is part of it.  You allow the full range of emotions instead of suppressing or covering up unwanted feelings. If you can do that, you can deal with disappointments much better. “Even while these people are sad about something, they begin to feel grateful for what happened,” explains Frederickson. Regarding rejections, blogger Pattakos recommends remembering that they are not meant personally: “You have to realize that everyone lives. In a different world and that sometimes you will be reject, no matter what you say or do.” Those who are too afraid of failure avoid essential steps on their path. On the other hand, those who learn to deal productively with setbacks are reward with personal and professional growth.


Tips to Land your dream job take your career to the next level; You can take your career to the next level with careful preparation. Skill development, and networking. It may look like a distant fantasy, but with guts, determination, and dogged networking, you can land your dream job and genuinely do what you love.

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