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How to Walk Like a Catwalk Model in 2024

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Model Walk is nothing but a Catwalk, a term derived from the gait of female models, which resembles a cat’s speed. Model Walk usually performs catwalking on a raised platform called a ramp to demonstrate clothing and accessories during a fashion show.

Located on ships and behind the scenes of theatres in the 1880s, the original catwalks or model walk got their name from the careful, delicate way a cat walks.

How Many Types of Model Walks are there?

There are many types of walking, ranging from strolling, leisurely walking, steady walking, brisk walking, power walking, race walking, marathon walking, and Nordic walking.

How to Walk Like a Catwalk or Model Walk

How to Walk Like a Catwalk or Model Walk

Walking as a runway model is easy for starters; however, there is an art to perfecting it. But don’t worry, practicing is half the fun! Discover how to work on your running technique in heels by putting your feet one foot in front of the other. Next, learn techniques to keep your facial expressions focused and balanced. And finally, work your personality into your swagger with rhythm and confidence.

Adjustment of your facial expression

Tilt your chin down slightly: Don’t let your head hang or drop; act as if you have an invisible rope attached to your head holding you up because then you are above the audience on the catwalk. Keeping your chin slightly down allows the audience to see more of your face. Keeping your chin tilted somewhat down squares your face and helped add a little poise.

Don’t smile and keep your mouth shut in a natural position: You don’t want to distract yourself from the clothes you’re wearing with a smile. Look in the mirror and hold your mouth naturally to see how it looks and feels. Ask another person what your facial expression looks like. Sometimes extra people can see things that you don’t see.

  • If your lips naturally part slightly, you don’t need to force them to close.

Please keep your eyes on something in front of you: When it comes to doing a good supermodel facial expression, the focus of the facial expression is on the eyes and eyebrows. Keep your eyes on one point, and don’t look around. Focus on where you’re going and look alert and alert. Focus on something that gives you meaning and will show up in your eyes.

  • It can be tempting to make eye contact with someone in the audience; however, keep your facial expression and avoid eye contact.
  • Be careful not to trip when walking. Occasionally you need to check your gait with your eyes to maintain balance and confidence.
  • Use a mirror or a friend to check how you look. Try changing looks until you find one that works as a supermodel look and still feels natural.

Walking and Posture

Stand up straight: Imagine an invisible rope supporting you from your spine to your head. Keep your shoulders somewhat back and stand as straight as possible. This attitude will sell the best modeling exposure, even if you’re not a tall model.

  • Keep your body loose while standing upright. You don’t have to keep your body rigid to stay upright. Practice getting comfortable walking upright by practicing in front of a mirror.

Put a single foot in front of the other and take long strides: Imagine walking on a tightrope and keeping one foot in front of the other, allowing your hips to rock from side to side in this classic model shape. As you strut forward, try still being confident in how you walk. When modeling male style, you don’t have to put one foot directly in front of the other, but you can walk more naturally if your feet are more closely together than one foot in front of the other.

  • Don’t overdo the movement of your hips. Don’t be afraid to get your hips moving; however, do not intentionally overdo the activity.

Let your arms hang at your sides and keep your hands relaxed: You don’t need to move your arms as much as your body naturally will. Let your arms hang and only swing slightly. Here’s how to look fantastic and collected as you walk the runway. Similarly, please keep your hands relaxed, so they are slightly cupped and slightly open. Also, don’t bring your fingers too close together. There can be a distance of 0.6 cm (1⁄4 inch) between the fingers.

  • Don’t make your arms too stiff. Let them bend and swing slightly with your body.
  • Try not to move or clench your hands too much, as this will make you look nervous.

Practice walking with your heels: No runway brace is complete without a pair of heels to add height. However, if you are new to walking in heels, it may take a while to get used to it. In the morning, put on your heels as you get ready. Strive around to get used to walking like a model and walking in heels simultaneously.

Working an Attitude

Please slow down and keep it consistent with your pace: Listen to music with a strong beat that has a setting you like while you practice strutting your heels. Focus on the posture you want to project and hold that gaze as you walk for as long as possible. Being able to add rhythm and poise to your step will bring your gait to life and incredible supermodel energy

  • Think flirty and confident while walking to the beat.
  • When you’re on the runway, imagine the music getting you into your rhythm and following that rhythm.
  • As you walk to the beat, remember to pull your shoulders back and keep your body in a supermodel pose.

Strike your pose. When you reach the end of the walk, pause for a moment and then lean on one hip with all your confidence and composure. You can now look down at the audience and briefly break your focus. You do not have to move your head much, and your gaze should mainly come out of your eyes. Then put on the same facial expression, walk as before, and walk off the stage.

Practice your pose in the mirror. Pay particular care to the length of your pause to pose and make eye interaction with your audience. When you are in front of viewers, your anxiety can make a few seconds seem much longer. Get in the habit of holding your pose in front of the mirror for a few seconds so you can rely on your muscle memory in front of an audience.

Walk down the catwalk like a predator. There are some exclusive supermodel rides, and Karlie Kloss has one that is famous for her predatory style. Walk down the catwalk faster by raising your knees slightly higher than average and keeping one foot in front of the other. This should set a comfortable pace on your walk. Get more momentum in your hips because you’re going faster. Your arms will also swing more from side to side. Gently rock your head back and forth with the movement of your body as you strut down the runway.

Slide down the runway with an attitude like Naomi Campbell. Move your legs up and down the catwalk in deliberate strides with determination and poise. Let your body spring up and down as you walk. Your shoulders move slightly up and down as you walk. Because you have more movement, you will swing your hips more. Let your hands bounce and move back and forth no matter how naturally they move with your gait. Keep your head tilted slightly to the side and barely move your shoulders as you walk.

Make your walk a trek like Sasha Pivovarova. With this gait, your arms are almost still at your sides as you walk. With this step, your feet don’t stand in front of each other as much as with the traditional runway prop but stay side by side. Move gently down the catwalk, but keep your body still and collected for the most part. Don’t move your head or arms too much. Think calmly and decisively as you go.


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