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How do you put on cufflinks with buttons?

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Cufflinks how to put on: Cufflinks predate the button, safety pin, zipper, and Velcro. Luckily, since the early days of cufflinks, advances have been made to make them fully customizable. Cufflinks are an excessive way to add a personal touch to a suit or shirt. With so many new styles, they can also be a way to support your favorite teams, show off your unique style, or complete a look.

Things You Should Know Before Put on Cufflinks

  • Choose a shirt that can grip your cufflinks and fold back the cuff. Next, line up the holes on the cufflinks.
  • Insert the cufflinks into the holes and fasten. Let the decorative side of the cufflink stand out.
  • You can wear bullet back, whale back, fixed, chain link, reversible, ball return, or safety lock cufflinks.

How to Wear Cufflinks on a Regular Shirt?

How to Wear Cufflinks on a Regular Shirt_

But before you get one, you must know how to use it first. As long as you have a long-sleeved shirt with the necessary holes in the cuff, you’ll be fine wearing your cufflinks. If you do not have a shirt with cufflinks or French or double cuffs, then this article is for you.

How to convert your regular shirt into a double cuff shirt and use cufflinks. Altering a regular cuffed shirt is a viable alternative to buying a new shirt. And it’s easy enough even for a beginner.

How to Make a Cufflink Shirt

  • Get a shirt with sleeves long enough to wear with the cuffs folded once. Remove the buttons on the shirt cuffs.
  • Fold the cuff once, exposing the bottom of the cuff. It will be the exterior once it’s done.
  • Lay the sleeves on a level surface and line up the raw edges of the cuff.
  • Locate the original buttonholes on the shirt. Mark a small line under the buttonhole with the edges still aligned. Don’t forget to mark the opposite sides of each sleeve.
  • Backstitch around the edges of the lines. It should be almost rectangular so that you can make three more buttonholes.
  • Leave 1/6 inch between two rows of stitches. Then cut the center of each buttonhole to create an opening.
  • Sew around the edges with a whipstitch or under stitch to reinforce the fabric and prevent fraying. Once inserted, the cufflinks must fit through the four holes and hold the double cuff when worn.

How to Use Cufflinks

You can wear cufflinks with a single cuff or with a double cuff. The plain cuff looks like a regular pair of cuffs on a shirt, but with holes on either side. A double or French cuff has two holes on either side of the opening.

  • Pinch the cuff of the shirt sleeves so the inner parts “kiss” or squeeze together.
  • Push the cufflink through both holes in the shirt cuff. The cufflink’s face or colored/decorative part should be facing out when the arm is on its side.
  • Depending on your cufflink style, please attach it to the back of the cuff, and voila!

Types of Cufflinks

There are many types of cufflinks. Although they all serve the same function, the main differences lie in their attachment styles.


Hardback connect to the face of the cufflink in single stationery. Solid backs and the following styles below are similarly inserted into the cuff.

Slide the bottom of the cufflink through the top holes of the cuff until it comes out the other side.

Chain Link

Chain link are like fixed back cufflinks, only with a chain instead of a pin connecting the front and back. The chain allows extra movement in the cuff, giving you a slightly more relaxed fit—the chain link is wrapped around the bracelet for a unique look.

Reversible or Double Wall

Reversible (or double-walled) can be worn two ways, offering two looks for the price of one. Silk knots are reversible, but they are the least durable as they are made of twisted silk rather than metal.

Rivets and Button

Button are often combined with shirt buttons (detachable shirt buttons) for a unified look. This elegance is one of the most popular for formal occasions.

Ball return cufflinks have a distinctive spherical back and are available in solid back and chain link styles.

Ball or Toggle Closures

Bullet back, or toggle lock feature a spherical stem that flips down once it is inserted through the bracelet. The stem folds horizontally and rotates perpendicular to the cuff holes, holding it in place.

Whale Back

Like bullet back, back whale cufflinks have a straight pin and a solid whale-like backing that secures the it once inserted through the shirt cuff holes.

Safety Clasp

One of the most secure types of cufflinks, locking clasps have a hinge-like mechanism that resembles a watch strap.


Cufflinks are remarkable! Yes, they are. If you consider it, when can a man wear decorative and functional jewelry? If you haven’t tried cufflinks, you’re mislaid out, happening a lot.

They have long been usually associated with men’s formal or semi-formal attire, such as B. a tuxedo ensemble. Others state these versatile accessories as “formal jewelry.” They are great when you want to add a personal touch to your tuxedo, or suit.

Modern cufflinks come in a variety of options. You can even support your favorite sports team with personalized.


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