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Welcome to Heavenly Island Lifestyle! Hawaii has so many unique flavors; why not enjoy them all in one place? Heavenly Island Lifestyle uses ingredients nurtured by our islands’ blessed climate and soils. It uses organic vegetables and meats, local seafood, and locally grown vegetables to bring unrivaled fresh flavors to every dish. As a destination for healthy, natural eating and all-day coffee, we can cater to your every need, no matter your craving. Visit us Today to sample our delicious options and discover why we are number one in town!

About the Business

With a desire to serve fresh, locally sourced food, Heavenly Island Lifestyle provides customers with delicious meals throughout the day. Locally own and operate, HI’s Honolulu restaurant is commit to providing the ideal island experience through a selection of healthy, organic foods. His restaurant prides itself on the freshness and flavor of its food. Their dedicated staff works hard to collect produce from local farms, including vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Your sense of taste buds will be pleased with the wide range of delicious dishes. Reward yourself in the morning with a refreshing fruit platter or enjoy a Kalua Pig Eggs Benedict. If you are viewing for a new lunch spot, grab the local labyrinth soba with pork and coriander or the organic curry with coconut leaves during lunchtime.

Finally, wind down after a long day with one of their signature cocktails and fresh local seafood. As you enter the Heavenly Island lifestyle, you will be greeted by the warm and welcoming atmosphere that emanates from traditional Hawaiian culture. The friendly staff can provide information on daily specials and the latest happy hour menu items. Not sure what to eat first? Don’t worry; they’ll give helpful suggestions to ensure you pick the perfect meal. For a genuinely organic feed from the restaurant that abides by the motto “Eat Local. Be Happy – Feel the Island’s Natural Blessings”, visit Heavenly Island Lifestyle…

Heavenly Island Lifestyle Located in the heart of Waikiki


Heavenly Island Lifestyle Located in the heart of Waikiki

Whether you enjoy a trip to the islands or were born and raised here on Oahu, you’re always invite to get an authentic taste of Hawaii at Heavenly Island Lifestyle. Enjoy the exquisite presentation, delicious aromas, and explosive flavors of locally sourced ingredients, from the fruit in your happy hour cocktail, to the meat in your lunch or dinner entrée, to the spices in your dessert. Please sit in our comfortable vintage area or on our outdoor patio and enjoy the gentle Hawaiian breeze all day.

Rise and shine

It’s said that breakfast is the supreme essential meal of the day, and at Heavenly Island Lifestyle, we make it worth getting up for breakfast. From local twists on continental classics to local specialties featuring locally farmed chicken and free-range eggs, our breakfast sets you up with a smile and energy for sightseeing or a day at the office.

From Land and Sea

Whether you want a plate of pupu filled with the bounty of the sea or your culinary leanings are more “royal,” Heavenly Island Lifestyle has something unique to cook for you. For lunch or dinner, you can continuously be sure your beef, pork, seafood, or poultry is sourced locally, sustainably grown, and wonderfully season with freshly harvest herbs and spices. Call Today for reservations!

Heavenly Island Lifestyle Menu

  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Drink Menu
  • Dinner Menu
  • Happy Hour Menu

Please Make a Reservation with us Today!

We trust in fresh, delicious, and authentic flavors and offer the most delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you enjoy brunch and mimosas with friends or a Hawaiian party with family, we’ve got something for everyone!


“Locally own and operate restaurant in Waikiki, HI is commit to providing the ideal island experience through a healthy selection of organic foods. Wherever possible, we use organic vegetables and meats, local seafood, and locally grown vegetables to provide unrivaled fresh flavors in every dish.

We offer our customers delicious meals throughout the day with a passion for serving fresh, locally sourced food. Plus, we consume happy hour 7 days a week from 4:00 p.m. m. to 6:00 p.m. m. As a destination for healthy, natural food and all-day café-restaurant, we can satisfy any appetite, whatever your craving. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to sample our delicious options!”

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