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Eyelid Strips – How to Get a Youthful Look With Eyelid Strips

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Eyelid Strips

Eyelid Strips compensate for weakened levator muscles. Using glue, it lifts the eyelid and any sagging skin around it. Eyelid tape comes in small, convenient strips. You can raise your eyelids by placing the Strip in the area where the eyelids fold.

Three Ways to Apply Eyelid Strips

Start With a Clean face:

  • It’s necessary to start through a clean slate, so wash your face thoroughly before applying the eyelid tape. This will ensure the tape sticks well and stays in place all day. Also, try an eye makeup remover to remove all eye makeup before applying the tape.
  • Dry your face thoroughly after washing, then wait about 5 minutes to attach the eyelid tape to ensure no moisture remains on your skin.

Peel the Strip and Trim as Needed:

  • Use tweezers or your fingernails to peel off a strip of eyelid tape from the back. You’ll also need to peel off the piece of plastic covering the eyelid strip. The strips may be the right size for your eyelids, or you may need to trim them. The stripes should be slightly shorter than the width of your eyes. Otherwise, the lines on the sides of the lids may protrude.
  • If compulsory, trim the Strip to make it slightly narrower. You can also make your eyelid tape using double-sided medical-grade tape if you can’t find eyelid tape strips. To do this, cut the Strip into a thin strip about the same width as your eyelid.

Identify Where You Want Your New Eyelid Crease:

  • You can use the tip of your eyelid to identify where to place the Strip. First, you must set the Strip along the new crease you want to create. Then, press the tip onto your lid to find the new crease you wish to make.
  • Do not press hard with the pick! Be very careful when using it around the eyes.

Close Your Eye and Stick the Tape over the Crease:

  • Once you’ve found the new wrinkle you want to create, place the tape over the area where you want to make the new crease. Then, use the tip to push the lid up to create this new crease gently. Next, press your top in, open your eye and hold it for a second. Then, while keeping your eye open, remove the tip.
  • The eyelid tape should hold the new crease in place.

Attach Eyelid Tape if the Tape Doesn’t Hold.

  • If the eyelid tape doesn’t hold, you can start with a new piece or apply some eyelid tape to the Strip for a stronger hold. Apply a small amount of eyelid tape to the Strip and wait for it to partially dry and clear before sliding the tip back onto the eyelid.
  • Approximately eyelid tape strips come with eyelid tape, or you can buy them separately.

Protecting Your Eyes

Remove the Strips at the End of the Day:

  • Do not wear the tape for more than one day. Then, remove the Strips along with the rest of your makeup. Never pull or tear off the tape; wet it until it slides easily. Tearing the tape could damage the cap and cause the skin to fall off. Use eye makeup remover and water to dampen the tape and remove residue

Be Careful With the Tip of the Eyelid:

  • An eyelid tip is essential for applying eyelid tape, but it’s always important to be careful when placing anything near your eyes. Make sure to put the information of your eyelid on your lids, pressing very gently.
  • If you feel any discomfort while using the tip, remove it from your eyelid immediately.

Stop Using the Tape if it Bothers Your Eyelids:

  • Eyelid tape contains adhesive formulated for use on the eyes. However, it can still irritate the eyes. If you experience irritation from the strips, remove them and wash off the adhesive immediately.[6]
  • When looking for eyelid tape, look for a hypoallergenic brand to reduce the chances of irritating your eyes.

Eyelid Strips Magic

Eyelid Strips Magic

Drooping eyelids are a common problem among older men and women, many of whom choose to have cosmetic surgery in the right situation. Before we established the Original Eye Magic, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) was the only option.

Bring back your lovely eyes and look years younger. Lift And describe your eyes, in Seconds, with Our instant eye lift.

About Ptosis:

Over time, the upper eyelids begin to sag as the muscles lose their elasticity. This is called ptosis.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelids, eye injuries, neurological problems, diseases such as neuromuscular disorders, myasthenia gravis, or diabetes. Using an injection to remove wrinkles in the eyebrow and forehead can also cause temporary sagging (the difficulty can last for months, so it doesn’t appear brief). Dermatochalasis is a medical term for excess skin that causes the eyelid to droop.

How to Fix Strips Eyelids Without Surgery.

Eye lift products offer a temporary, non-surgical option by simulating a second layer of skin and lifting drooping upper lids for a more youthful appearance.

Hiding the Tape

Choose a Tape That is Less Visible on Your Skin:

  • Eyelid tape arises in a few different colors. You can get explicit, nude, or even black eyelid tape to make it look like eyeshadow or eyeliner. Choose an eyelid band that you think suits your skin and makeup.
  • Clear eyelid tape may be the best option if you don’t plan on wearing much (if any) makeup while wearing the strips. Remember that any part of the Strip that sticks out will sparkle in the light.

Use Eyeliner or False Eyelashes:

  • Accentuating your eyes can also help hide the tape while wearing it. For example, try wearing black liquid eyeliner and false lashes to draw attention away from the eyelid band.
  • Avoid using too much eyeshadow while using the eyelid tape. It can weaken the adhesive.

Be Honest if Anyone Notices:

  • If someone catches you wearing eyelid tape, it’s best to be clear about why you’re wearing it. Please don’t be ashamed to tell them that you use eyelid tape to make your eyes look rounder or to make a new crease in your eyelid. People do everything for beauty, and wearing eyelid tape isn’t too drastic.
  • For example, using a small piece of tape on your eyelids is nothing compared to going from brown hair to blonde hair. Using eyelid tape is another way to accentuate your eyes, like using eyeliner or mascara.


Many East Asians put on double eyelid tape to make the double eyelid effect momentarily as a way to enhance their beauty. This study evaluated the effects of four-week double-lid tape use on anterior eye health in single-lid young adult women. Twenty-nine participants who encountered the inclusion criteria were recruited. In addition, participants’ previous ocular health was examined, including blink characteristics (blink pattern and blink frequency), external ocular health (presence of corneal abrasion, corneal staining, conjunctival staining, corneal curvatures, gland dysfunction meibomian), tear breakup time, intraocular pressure, and emotional ease level.

Participants had to apply the double eyelid tape for a minimum of eight hours a day and five days a week, intended for four weeks. Parameters were remeasured at the end of the individual week. There was a significant rise in conjunctival staining, corneal staining, and meibomian gland dysfunction, with a substantial reduction in tear breakup time and intraocular pressure. By week 3, all participants had incomplete blinks. No significant changes in symptoms or personal comfort level were reported. Therefore, patients and eye care professionals should be aware of the potential implications of double eyelid tape use on eye health without significant changes in subjective comfort.


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