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Dog Brush for Short Hair

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Dog Brush for Short Hair:Are you looking for the best brush for your pet’s hair? Are you tired of finding hair all over the house? Do you want to comb it and take care of its hair health?
Are you Looking for a practical and comfortable brush? Discover TiendAnimal’s wide selection of dog brushes and find the most suitable for your best friend’s hair!

The health of the coat is one of the most essential aspects in the care of the hygiene and aesthetics of our pet.

Combing is a crucial practice that should be done regularly to help remove dead hair from dogs, keep their mane free of knots and tangles, and remove surface dirt.

There is a separate brush for each hair type, and you can find it at TiendAnimal. Choosing the most suitable brush for your pet’s coat is essential. Among the wide varieties is the dead hair remover brush, which focuses on the total elimination of this hair and the stimulation of the creation of new hair and protective fat of the skin. Other dog brushes are indicated to untangle the mane and add shine. The rubber ones are also ideal for massaging your pet while you comb them.

Thanks to the high quality of the brushes for dogs selected by TiendAnimal, brushing will become a pleasant moment for your pet.

The metal bristles are rounded so as not to damage the skin.

And the materials are of high quality so that brushing will be a massage for your best friend.


Using a good brush will give your pet a clean, healthy, shiny mane; you will promote the health of your skin, and you will provide a pleasant, relaxing massage.

Keeping our dog clean is essential to ensure its health and general well-being. During walks, they tend to wallow, play with other dogs, jump and, in general, submit to factors that cause dirt to their fur the appearance of tangles in long-haired dogs, etc.

In addition to bathing them following the veterinarian’s instructions, we must constantly brush their hair to remove added dirt.

And keep it soft and silky.

Depending on our dog’s breed and hair type, we must follow some brushing techniques or others. Do you know the types of brushes for dogs? To prevent you from selecting the wrong one and turning this pleasant moment for him into his worst nightmare, at AnimalWised, we show you the best brushes and combs according to the type of fur.

Select the brush according to the type of hair

As we mentioned, depending on the type of our dog’s hair, we must use one brush or another. Likewise, the frequency with which we will have to brush our dog’s fur will also depend on its length, thickness and amount of loss.

There are breeds of dogs with a greater tendency to lose their fur than others that, on the contrary, do not shed.

After the hour of the walk, brushing the coat is one of the best moments of the day for our dog. If we do it properly, we will provide a state of relaxation and satisfaction.

At the same time, we remove the dirt accumulate on your coat, undo the tangles that may have been caused. And maintain your skin’s health in perfect condition.

However, a wrong choice of the brush or not knowing how to brush the hair can lead to a really uncomfortable and very unpleasant moment for our dog.

We generally distinguish three types of hair: short, medium and long.

And each requires a specific kind of brush and brushing times.

See below what combs we should buy to comb our dog according to whether it has short, medium or long hair.

Short-haired dog brushes

Short-haired dogs require much lighter coat care and have a skinny coat, so they do not need more than two or three brushings a week.

Of course, within the breeds considered short-haired, there are different measurements and characteristics of the hair that will stipulate whether we should do two or three weekly hairstyles.

For example, despite being a dog with short fur, tends to lose a large amount of it.

And, therefore, will need more brushing than a Dalmatian or a Boxer, which do not lose as much hair.

Dogs with this type of hair require brushes that are limited to removing excess hair, as they do not have the possibility of accumulating tangles or excessive dirt.

Thus, we will need to buy a rubber bristle brush, mitten or rubber brush to avoid damaging our dog’s skin.

And pulling out hairs that we should not. Similarly, it is very easy to clean and keep in perfect condition.

This brush for short-haired dogs allows dead fur to adhere to them quickly while we perform a soft and pleasant massage on the animal.

On the other hand, even though it may seem strange, the pumice stone is another utensil to consider when combing dogs with shorter coats. This product picks up dead fur without problems and is, therefore, a perfect complement to the brush. Of course, it is necessary to pass the stone always in favour of the hair. And very gently to avoid damaging the skin. In addition, we will avoid areas without hair or a skinny layer. To brush and comb
For dogs with longer fur and, in addition, delicate skin, such as Yorkshire.

We will need to buy a double-sided brush, with rounded bristles on one side and more complicated synthetic hair on the other.

Thus, we can pass the part with the round bristles, comb the coat very carefully and remove dead hair.

And then the other side to provide softness and shine.

For long-haired dogs with thicker and less delicate skin.

We can first use a metal bristle or carding brush like the one we use for medium hair to comb and remove dirt easily. Of course, having more hair, you must do it carefully to avoid damaging the animal with jerks.

Furminator Slimming Brush for Small Breed Short Hair Dog

Brush that removes 90% of loose hair for small, short-haired dogs.


Specially designed for dogs weighing 4.5-9 kg with short hair,

And Effectively removes loose and dead hair from the undercoat to prevent hair loss by 90%.
It Reduces hair shedding by up to 90%; better than conventional brushes and combs. FUR
The ejector button cleans and quickly removes loose hair from the tool. It designs by a professional to improve results and use by veterinarians and animal grooming professionals.

Tips for brushing your dog correctly

First, it is essential to highlight the hygiene of dog brushes. Regardless of the type selected, it is necessary to establish a routine.

And wash them periodically to prevent them from accumulating dirt and damaging the animal’s coat.
Now yes, when brushing the dog’s hair, we recommend always doing it in the direction of the coat. On the other hand, in long-haired dogs, we can first moisten the skin with a conditioner or unique product for them. And, after brushing, dry it.