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The Best Shades of Blonde for Natural Hair

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Blonde on Natural Hair: As the saying goes, “Blonde on Natural Hair have more fun.” And while it’s a questionable statement, who isn’t looking for a good time right now?

If you’ve ever thought about going blonde hair, chances are you’ve been going back and forth trying to move on. But you’ll be satisfied to know that blonde comes in various shades. And while going platinum right away might not be for everyone, a warmer golden blonde might be perfect.

What Should I Know Before Becoming a Blonde?

Most stylists advise against trying it at home if you’re thinking about going blonde. Achieving consistent, vibrant color is a complex process best left to professionals. Your colorist can regulate the best shade of blonde for you by seeing your undertones. “Cooler, icy blondes often look best on clients with rosy undertones, while warmer golden blondes work well with warmer complexions,”

How Can I Avoid a Flat Finish?

There is no rule that only one shade of blonde works. Shade blending is a great way to achieve your unique color and avoid a dull finish. “When you mix blondes, you should stay in the same shade family: warm, cool, copper, etc., unless the client wants more contrast.”

For this look, combine a darker blonde with caramel brown and lighter shades of buttery blonde. “So chose this dual tone because it lives out of town, so you don’t see often, and if you want to make sure your hair would fade as you get older.”

How do I Take Care of My New Color?

Regardless of the shade of blonde you choose, emphasize the importance of taking care of your hair to maintain a healthy and vibrant color. The chemical method used to lighten natural hair can affect the structure of the curl, and regular maintenance helps restore strength and elasticity.

“Hydration is essential for naturally colored hair,” he says. “I love the Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-in Conditioner. Using a mask regularly, rather than just when you have time, is also highly beneficial. You can use the Mizani Moisture Fusion Intense Hydrating Mask to replace your conditioner; it has a thicker texture. Consistency and will provide the moisture the hair needs after a lightening session.

It’s all-natural. From the wildest curls to loose waves, we celebrate natural hair in its many forms by sharing expert advice on styling, grooming, and hair care.

Natural Blonde Hair Colors to Try

Natural Blonde Hair Colors to Try

Café Au Lait Curls

Cream on your coffee never looked so chic, especially when it comes as a clean, ashy, single-process shade and is topped off with modern curls.

Flaxen Sombre Waves, Long

Go for a creamy, fresh perfection that lets the rosy undertones shine. Use Nexxus Color Assure Purple Shampoo and Conditioner to prevent tanning and maintain that tone.

Golden Balayage

This radiant, sunny blonde with its natural sun-kissed highlights also pairs well with slightly darker roots.

Ash Brown with Bleached Ends

Blink, and you’ll miss it. A favorite of surfers everywhere, this natural blonde hair color features a brown ash base that has been lightened at the ends.

Dusty Linen

Ask your stylist to blur your highlights (usually backcombing them while you foil them) to remove any revealing edges as above.

Light Champagne

This beige blonde doesn’t read like a strawberry but retains a distinctive rosy hue that pairs nicely with peachy and neutral complexions.

Sand Lowlights

Ash brown highlights add dimension to a baby blonde base.


Bottle blondes can also be brought together, as long as the tone is more relaxed (it will naturally buff anyway, thanks to your shower), and add a little dimension with some lowlights.

Dirty Root

Brunettes who want a natural yet super-bright blonde look can opt for a messy approach, where the color starts more profound in the strand (bonus: more effortless touch-ups, too).

Natural Highlights

Thin foil highlights are a more grown-up, wearable version of the streaks of yesteryear.

Creamy Ash

In one operation, Ash’s blonde hair gets a beautiful, shiny finish with a post-gloss treatment. Add shine to your hair at home by spraying it with Bed Head by TIGI Head rush Shine Hair Spray for the finishing touch.

Skinny Highlights

The latest (and elevated) Cali girl look features papery-clear highlights on a sandy base. A tan helps too!

Bleached Blonde with Messy Waves

This would be if there were an iconic shade from surf to grass.

Beige and Textured

Who said beige is boring? Rendered with a modern texture, it loses all of its suffocating references. Recreate this look by soaking up any excess oil with dry shampoo (we love Suave Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo), then tousle the curls a bit.

Blonde Angel

Young boys often have natural blonde streaks scattered throughout their hair, depending on sun exposure. Mimic that angelic vibe by asking your stylist for a baby blonde balayage that starts mid-length and ends.

Honey Blonde Balayage Hair

Not ready to try a light blonde shade? This honey blonde shade is the perfect way to lighten your hair while still looking natural.

Cool Blonde

Going cool is a great way to keep a very light blonde hair shade looking natural. Keep this shade bright using TRE Semme Gloss Light Blonde Color Depositing Conditioner after shampooing.

Sandy Blonde Hair

Pair this sandy blonde balayage color with effortless beachy waves; you have the perfect natural-looking combination!

Blonde Hair Baby

Baby blonde hair is all about resembling that natural light blonde look. It’s not quite platinum, but it’s a bit lighter than dirty blonde.

Strawberry Blonde Hair

Are you seeing for the perfect combination of blonde and copper? Try this strawberry blonde shade. This color goes great with fair skin tones if you are looking for a blonde shade that still looks natural.

From a café au lait color to smeared roots, there are many ways to rock a natural blonde hair color this season!

How You Make Your Blonde Hair Color Look Natural

If you’re set to change your hair color but don’t want to go too bold with your new shade, keep a few things in mind to help the transition look natural. Whether you decide to go to the salon to have your hair dyed blonde by a professional colorist or opt for a DIY hair dye kit like L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference, L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème, or L’ Oréal decides Paris Féria, you should take into account the following tips.

Blend Your Eyebrows with Your Roots

One of the fastest ways to spot a fake blonde is when a person’s eyebrows and roots don’t match. However, unless you have darker roots, you’ll still want your brows to be slightly darker than your blonde hair, as brows are usually somewhat darker than the hair on your head.

Consider your Eye Color When Choosing Your Shade of Blonde.

In most cases, the lighter your eyes, the weaker your hair can be if you keep it natural looking. If you want to go for more golden blonde hair color, but you have dark eyes, focus most of the light blonde hair color on your ends. A soft blonde ombre can look natural as the sun often lightens the hair.

Taking Your Skin Tone into Account When Selecting Your Shade of Blonde

By now, you’ve received cool tones and warm tones. If you need your new blonde hair color to look natural, combine cool colors with excellent hints and warm colors with kind undertones. If you have neutral suggestions, you can go a moreover way. Some of the best cool blonde shades are light ash blonde, platinum blonde, and champagne blonde, while pearl blonde, strawberry blonde, and golden blonde are great warm choices.

Don’t Make Your Blonde Hair One-dimensional.

In general, looking at the natural color of a person’s hair will be multi-dimensional. You will likely find a few different colors that combine to create a beautiful look in the mix of naturally blonde hair. So if you need your blonde hair color to look as authentic as possible, ask your colorist to create balayage highlights and mix and match a few shades of blonde for a layered look that’s full of dimension.

Brass Tone

If you’ve ever gone blonde, you know the struggle that can occur when it comes to brassy tones. To fix this, use purple shampoo and conditioners like L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Purple Shampoo for color-treated hair and L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Purple Conditioner for color-treated hair, which contains rich purple pigments that help Counter orange tones for unwanted hair.

In addition to purple shampoo, you can also use a toning gloss like L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss One Step In-Shower Toning, Gloss, in Honey Blonde or Cool Blonde. This one-step shine treatment enhances your hair color tone while boosting shine and profoundly conditioning your strands.


Blonde Hair Color significantly contributes to our overall visual appearance and personality. Thus, hair today offers us the opportunity to have the hair color of our choice. Of course, however, we are born with a specific hair color that may differ from our friends, cousins, or even family members. The essential factor in our body determining our hair’s paint is the amount of a pigment called melanin in the hair.

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