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Best Lipstick Brands in India that make Your Lips Shine

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Best Lipstick Brands in India – In India, many popular lipstick brands are often sold to Indian customers. One of the things that makes you happy is Lip Stick, the only cosmetic tool that suits your look, be it a party look or an office look.
Someone said that Hera is one of the girl’s most trusted friends who didn’t know about Lipstick 😉 Who doesn’t love to dance to beautiful shades and catch eyeballs? When we start the world of Lipstick, there are many examples: shiny, long dresses, mats, and whatnot!

But I’ve always been a fan of Meat Lipstick. They are perfect for office and university attire, complex yet intense and not in your face. Plus, matte lipstick sticks are long-lasting and don’t smell as shiny. Also, they are limited to transfers.

To further enhance your look, we have provided you with a list of lipstick brands in India. In addition, Nykaa End of Season Sale is home to fantastic makeup and top makeup and personal care products.
There is a saying that these girls are best friends; I didn’t know about Lipstick 😉 Who doesn’t love collecting beautiful shades and Grab Eyeballs?

When we enter the world of the brands in India for 2024 – the most popular sellers, there are many types of shiny, glossy, etc

We have listed the best matte lipstick in India – the 2024 update, for the best product to buy on the Lipstick brand online home and where to buy.

1.The Body Shop

The physical outlet is suitable if your lip is too fragile. It is a natural lipstick brand in India, and Body Shop lipsticks are excellent for Indian Skin.
They present in 10 different formats. Most lipsticks offered by Body Shop are as expensive as possible. The Body Shop Clerk Glide Shine Lip Color Ruby Sparkle, The Body Shop Clerk Crash On Carmel And The Body Shop Clerk Crash Red Siren.
This essential Lipstick is associated with other lipstick brands, giving you a healthy glow all day.

2. Elle 18

Elle 18 is the favourite of many women in India because of its style and style. It is one of the top 16 lipstick brands in India.
Every woman wants a bottle-shaped lipstick in funky, modern and pops colours.
And there are about 60 different colours of Lipstick in the brand, Not only Lipstick but also lip gloss to keep the lips moist and colourful.

It is a different Indian brand recognized by India Unilever Limited, the makeup for other Indian women.
The brand, which confirmed its actress Anushka Sharma, offers an impressive range of lipsticks. Items that appear by common ingredients like cocoa butter, jojoba oil, rose water and almonds.

One of the most popular collections of brands is the Color Pop Matte Range with colours such as Code Red, choco, Pink Kiss Colour, Belgian Brown, etc. These lipsticks give a high colour payoff, a moisturizing core, a matte finish, and an extended stay in a particular stroke.
The gathering occurs in 20 vibrating shades for you. Plus, the lipsticks from Elle 18 are affordable, starting from as low as possible because they are homegrown in India.

3. NYX

Nyx is one of the top 16 lipstick brands in India – best-selling lipsticks that have gained a lot of popularity in the Indian market as it is a new brand. It has very few colour options, and they are available of high quality and are easy to apply to your chips.
There are ten different lipstick shades on NYX.

This lipsticks provide the best quality,

It is highly durable.

It hydrates our lips and offers a rich colour refinement.

4.Colour bar

More than 29 classic shades are available on Colorbar, and it is the top lipstick brand in India (December 2020). It is very affordable to buy, and Colorbar is one of the leading beauty brands in India and worldwide. Colorbar strives to make women look beautiful with a plethora of lipstick styles, and Colorbar offers a unique experience in their stores.

The limit of their Lipstick is that you will never get enough. You name the textures from matte to glitter, from metal to cream, and they are the perfect shade to suit you.

Some of the best lipsticks in the brand are Bourne to Glow Lip Color, Deep Matte Lip Cream, Glitter My All-Fairy Tail Luminizer and Lip Stick Neck, Kudos Proof Lip Stick, etc.

You can combine them with other lipsticks that look like branded Lipstick, and it is one of the best lipstick brands in India. The colour bar allows Lipstick in more than 29 classic colours, and the colour bar price is also very suitable for you to buy

5.The Maybelline

Maybelline is known for its eyeliner and smile, but its Lipstick has become very popular. Madeleine was started by Tom Williams, 19, and is an ancient brand.
Various colours of Maybelline lipstick are available, each in India according to the colour of women’s Skin. Anyone can find Lipstick at parties and offices. Maybelline shade tones range from light to dark, allowing for long hours in moisture and themselves. Maybelline lipstick is non-sticky and easy to wear for everyday purposes.

In the Indian market, Maybelline is available through any online website. It is the best long-time lipstick brand for you to buy at many colours and prices.

6. Loreal

L’oreal is again one of the most popular brands. The L’oreal brand is every woman’s favourite because it suits the Indian skin colour, and L’oreal knows how to impress an Indian woman with her Lipstick.
L’oreal lipstick has many colours, from nudes to reds to berries. For every woman to wear, it can be any skin colour.

It is one of the best entertainment cosmetic brands globally and one of India’s most sought-after lipstick brands. With this brand, you can choose from various long lipsticks in different colours and shades. Some of the most purchased pieces include L’Oréal Paris Rouge Magique, Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick Sabyasachi Set, Limited Edition Lipstick Arya, and Les Macarons Collection. You can also choose from various parties that offer these lipsticks, such as fume effect, stain resistance, aromatic Lipstick, hydration, glow, etc.

Of course, all those colours would give you a pair of fixed chips to bless your day!
It is also available in stores on e-commerce websites. Loreal Paris is possibly the number one globally, but it is higher in India than in Lucknow.

Loreal lipstick has a better role than any other lipstick brand. However, this does happen with cost. For only 4.2 grams of Lipstick, they require more than Rs. 1000, and they manufacture in 12 different colours.


In India, Lakme is one of the oldestand top cosmetic brands. Most women seem to have Lakme Ranges on the list yet are not available in many. It’s cheaper but stands out in the middle of it all. Lakme is a trendy lipstick brand that doesn’t need a long introduction. It has grown significantly with its ‘9 to 5’ lipstick range for its affordability and excellence. It allows a comprehensive and unique range of lipstick techniques, which are a must-try.

Lakme Lip Stick complements the skin colour of every Indian woman. Thus, lipstick prices are low.
It is an Indian-rich cosmetics brand that produces world-class goods with a new style and skin care in India. Lakmé lipsticks are inexpensive and, at the same time, long-lasting, skin-friendly, high-definition, and natural-looking.
The brand recommends by Kareena Kapoor and offers a wide range of lip products. Lipstick appears in shapes such as Bullet, Crows, Liquid, and Lip Pencils and many fining styles such as matte, gloss, cream and natural.
The favourite lipstick colours from the brand’s selected collections are Lakme Absolute Sculpt Matte Lipstick – Wild Berry, Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte Lip Sticks – Victorian Rose, Lakme Absolute Matte Lipsticks – Pink Me Up, Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mou. Colours – Plum Feather, Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon – Berry Red, Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless Cream Lip Colors – Lakme Absolute Illuminating Lip Shimmer – Scarlet Magic, among others.

There are various lipsticks to choose from – Lakshmi Metal Lip Stick, Lakshmi Lipid Lip Stick, Lakshmi Lipid Lip Stick, and many more. MAC In terms of quality, durability and configuration, MAC is the most trusted brand in the country. MAC is a must for women, as it provides Lipstick with many options, such as Moisturizing, Matte, and many others. According to skin colour, MAC offers many different colours. The texture of the Mac Lip Stick comes in a heated and BBC. It’s a slightly expensive in India, but it’s popular and has a good reputation.


In India, MAC lipsticks are readily available, online or offline. Here are some great lipstick colours for MAC to try. But MAC is a valuable brand.
Some of the best MAC lipsticks are syrup in MAC Luster Lipsticks, MAC Matte Lipstick in Beatrix, MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Ginger Rose, and Retro matte lipsticks.
This Lipstick is especially for those who like to look fashionable. MAC offers numerous colours of Lipstick, from regular wear lipstick to event wear lipstick, and the Lipstick is also very durable.

9. Revlon

Revlon is available in 20 different shades, with slightly higher prices than others. Women would love splurging on the marvellous series of Revlon lipsticks.
Revlon offers exceptional quality lipstick, which lasts 5-6 hours daily. Famous for the red Lipstick. Like Loreal, Revlon is also very sophisticated, and Revlon’s opening price is available in 20 different colours. Although expensive, women love to celebrate this great series of Revlon Lip Sticks.

Their products have a light complexion and moisture shine, which keep the lips healthy and soft. This is the best lipstick shade in India for you to buy.


Nykaa opened its first store in 2015 at T3 Terminal, Indira Gandhi International Airport. It is a Mumbai-based multi-brand beauty company that trades cosmetics and health products. Nykaa offers beauty and health products from leading Indian brands such as Lakme, Nyx, Nykaa, Kaya Skin Clinic, and more. It works best online but has now opened its retail store in India.

Nykaa is one of the latest brands to get a wide range of lipsticks in many colours. It is a great price range to buy. Nykaa not only has matte or liquid lipsticks, and it also has a shiny range of lipsticks in different shades. Nykaa LipStick has a Flat combo available for you to buy online.


Lotus establish in 1993 on the Kamal side. It is a brand that manufactures herbal lipsticks and other products in India and is famous for Natural Cosmetics Company. The Lotus lipsticks are reasonable, and everyone can afford them. This brand has lipstick shades for Indian Skin to buy online or from the Indian market.
Buy Lip Stick from Lotus by Lotus Accent Lip Color, Lotus Herbal Pure Color Matte Lip, Pink Crash, and More Must Have


The Oriflame was founded in 1967 by brothers Jonas and Robert of Jochenk and Bengt-Helston. It is available in over 60 countries.
It has become trendy in India because of its high-quality products and Lipstick. Oriflame’s lipsticks come in 10 different colours, and the price range for lipsticks is even lower than standard.
Lip Stick Must Buy: Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewel Lip Stick, Demi Moore Lip Stick by Orifilm More in Hot Red, Oriflame Wonder Color Lip Stick

What is the best long-lasting Lipstick?

Here are some of the best long-lasting lipstick prices in India for your Lipstick:

Prepare your lip moisturizing and exfoliating ingredients before applying Lipstick, especially if you opt for the matte formula.

Using a lip liner will lengthen the colour of your lips.

If you want a more accurate application, use a lip brush.

Now that you know how to keep the colour of your lips long, here are the top lipstick brands in the world that you need to try out!

If your lips are dry, then soften them with a hint of gloss and want to wear Lipstick.

Things to keep in mind when buying Lipstick there are three must-change things to keep in mind while purchasing the best lipstick brand in India, which are:

Its finish (matte, glossy, or creamy)

The shade (as there are so many colour shades available nowadays)
The Brand

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