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Shooting in Brooklyn – 2 Injured After Gunman Opens Fire

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There was a double shooting in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; police are searching for a gunman. It happened after 4 p.m. Friday along Fifth Avenue. It happened near the Sneaker store; the youth were always present outside the store.

A man said; one after another, there were six bangs. A man ran towards the car and shot a girl who was around 21 in her leg. The second victim was a man, around 24 years old, shot in his arm.

What Witness Say About This?

  • Witnesses say someone opened fire on a vehicle, causing the driver to crash. A woman in the vehicle was shot in the leg, and a man was shot in the arm.
  • A witness told CBS2 the gunman was in the street.
  • “I don’t know if he was standing there, where he came from, but definitely shot up the car and ran off right after he got off, I think six or seven shots,” the witness said.
  • Neighbors said the victim was standing on the corner of Nostrand and Gates Avenues and was about to move his black Honda Accord from a no-parking zone when the shooter approached him just before 7:30 a.m.
  • A man buying coffee nearby didn’t want to appear on camera but described to CBS2 what he heard. The victim just appeared to be targeted; there was no argument.
  • “I heard the first shot. I looked out the window. After the second shot, he went down, but the guy shot him another three more times,” the witness said.
  • The witness said the victim appeared targeted, and there was no argument or dispute.
  • “You can’t see his face. He had a black hoodie on. It looked planned,” the witness said of the gunman.

What Police About this?Shooting in Brooklyn

Shootings in New York City are down this year compared to 2022, but it has been a bloody last few days. From Saturday to Monday, 27 people were shot, compared to 15 during the same time last year.

“The more they try to get rid of the guns, it seems like more guns are coming. So what are we going to do?” Dunlap lamented.

Police say this shooting had no arrests, and the suspect ran off on foot. They are still searching for a killer who did gunshots.


They say their cameras were not recording, but other cameras in the area were, and detectives are going through a lot of footage, looking for at least one suspect. Authorities described the suspect as a man wearing a light blue tracksuit. He fled in an unknown direction. I hope to find the culprit soon.

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