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Does blue lipstick look good?

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About Blue Lipstick

Blue Lipstick is a gorgeous lipstick that will make your lips more adorable. Blue lipstick with red color to make you look more beautiful. Meanwhile, lipstick with a rose red color that makes the lips more vivid. Solid color lipstick glides smoothly on your lips. The makeup is long-lasting and can give you perfect lips throughout the day. Keep your lips easy and hydrated with this adorable lip makeup. The color is bright and vibrant, and it’s also an excellent gift for a girlfriend or anyone who likes lipstick.

Easy to color and blend thoroughly into a beautiful lip glaze, and the colors are rich in lipstick. Waterproof, it can last for a whole day, but not afraid of getting wet; the color is not sticky after use; it will become more vivid as you care for the lipstick. Meanwhile, the paint is fresh, natural, and fresh, it can be used for a long time to prevent drying, and the lipstick will not change color.

Types of Lipsticks

You’re standing in the lipstick aisle of your favorite makeup store, and with so many options, you’re still stuck thinking, what are all these different types of lipstick? Or even worse, what color lipstick should I buy or select?

The variety of lipstick finishes, shades, and textures can make your makeup shopping trip seem more of a stressful chore than a fun experience, especially for a beginner. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be that hard.

We shaped this guide to introduce you to the different types of beginner lipsticks to choose from and help you decide which shade best suits your skin tone.

  • Sheer Lipsticks
  • Matte Lipsticks
  • Creamy Lipstick
  • Glossy Lipsticks
  • Lip Tints & Stain Lipstick
  • Lip Liner
  • Liquid Lipstick
  • Frosted Lipstick

What Shade of Lipstick Should You Choose?

While there’s no method for finding the perfect lipstick color other than trying several to pick one, we have one that’s just about perfect: the blend of shades.

  • You can test your undertone by applying a few shades of one color to the inside of your arm and seeing how the different undertones look on your skin.
  • For warm tones: People with warm, yellow undertones should look for complementary lipstick colors: orange-red, brick red and terracotta suit their skin.
  • For blue or pink undertones: It is best to use lipsticks with a bluish or purple undertone to complement cool skin tones with blue or pink undertones. Choose a vibrant cherry red that veers towards blue rather than orange; a berry color like blueberry; or a deep plum.
  • For neutral shades: A neutral shade works with a variety of shades. If you’re unsure about your undertone or have a neutral skin tone, try mauve shades for medium skin, pink shades for fair skin, or berry shades for darker skin.

What are Blue Tone Lipsticks?

These are some shades of blue lip colors that will work wonders on your pearly whites.

  • Queen “Hello Sailor” lipstick.
  • MAC in Ruby Woo.
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Fuchsia Flash.
  • DuWop Venom Gloss.
  • NARS Bold in Olivia.
  • Bite Beauty luminous cream in mulberry wine.

How to Wear Blue Lipstick

How to Wear Blue Lipstick

Blue lipstick has become popular with celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Olivia Palermo wearing it on and off the red carpet. As a result, many makeup companies have started manufacturing shades of blue lipstick. However, blue is still an unconventional hue, so careful planning is needed to find the best way to use it. Try sporting blue lipstick on your next night out to jump on this fun makeup trend.

Choosing a Blue Lipstick

Go with Navy Blue Lipstick:

  • Navy lipstick flatters just about everyone. It is also the most popular and accessible color to find. If you’re new to blue lipstick, a navy shade might be the best place to start.
  • Navy blue lipsticks are usually matte, but you can apply a sheer gloss over the lipstick if you prefer a glossy lip look.
  • You can catch navy blue lipsticks in different colors, from lighter shades to navy shades that look almost black.

Go with a Denim Color Lipstick:

  • Denim shades are extra complex and may not work with all skin tones. A proper shade of blue works best if you have a casual skin tone. Try pairing a denim color with a light smoky eye or a bit of bronze eyeshadow. This is a great shade to wear at night.
  • Denim shades are more of actual color or royal blue.

Try an Electric Blue Lipstick:

  • If you’re feeling particularly bold and adventurous, consider wearing bright blue lipstick. This shade is lighter and more vibrant than navy or denim lipstick, so it will definitely turn heads.
  • Light blue lipsticks are best for spring or summer to look as they are lightweight and bright.
  • You can wear bright blue lipstick with bare skin or add drama with a bold cat-eye look.
  • Electric blue lipsticks look amazing with any black or white outfit.

Decide on a formula:

  • Depending on your preferred colors, you can choose between a liquid or cream formula lipstick.
  • Each of these formulas leads to a different result. For example, liquid lipstick can create a wet or shiny look, while a creamy formula can give you a more matte look.
  • Note that some liquid lipsticks also create a matte look. Be sure to check the tube for particulars on the lipstick, e.g., whether it is dull or glossy.

Applying Blue Lipstick

Line Your Lips:

  • You start by lining your lips with an eyeliner or lip liner in color similar to your blue lipstick. For example, you can use an eggplant lip liner if you want to wear navy lipstick. Or, you can use navy blue eyeliner as a lip liner.
  • Line your lips along the outer edge of your lips, but keep it on them. Don’t put on the liner external of your lipline.
  • Avoid consuming neutral-color liner, or you could make your lipstick look muddy and dull. Instead, a clear liner is a good choice for blue lipstick.

Apply the Lipstick:

  • Apply the lipstick evenly. Be sure to stay inside the lines. Depending on the lipstick, you may need to apply two coats to ensure even coverage.
  • Consider using a lip brush for a more even and precise application.
  • Press your lips together after applying the lipstick to distribute the color on your lips.
  • Blot your lips on a tissue to remove any excess lipstick. This will prevent your lipstick from smearing or getting on your teeth.
  • Layer a similarly-colored blue eyeshadow along the edges of your blue lipstick. This helps keep your lipstick on throughout any circumstance. Then, all you have to do is touch it up in the middle!

Plan for Regular Touch-Ups:

  • Blue lipstick looks best when bold and even, so it is important to touch it regularly. I plan to touch it up once every hour or so after eating or drinking anything.
  • Please keep a compact mirror handy so that you can touch it up on the go.


Adding lipstick to your makeup is a speedy and easy way to enhance your entire look, whether you’re trying to go all-glam or not. However, in today’s world of lipsticks, there are so many types that one can easily get overwhelmed by their choices.

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