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If you want to download HD movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, or Hindi dubbed movies, then you are on the right page. You can download Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi movieYou are on the right pages for free. It has become so popular that millions rely on this website to download their favorite movies. As it is a pirated website, it is unlawful and forbidden by the government of law. But, still, people download movies as they are free and provide good quality movies. Nobody has the right to download movies without permission from the concerned authority, so it is banned in India.

About 4 movie rulz.vcAbout 4 movie

At 4 movie, you find Hollywood movies such as The Batman and Death on the Nile, with both English and Hindi dubbed, and are now freely available for users to download. It made Filmy4wap the most popular website among users by 2023. Filmy4wap XYZ has leaked new web series like Abhay S-3, Piggy Bank S-3, Snowpiercer S-3, and others, as well as popular movies. Rama and Jodi, Vinaya Vidya, etc.

Alternative Websites

As 4 movie is unsafe due to its piracy, many websites exist, and people download movies online for free. Some of them are listed below:











Filmy4wap xyz







Domain List of 4 movie

We all know that watching movies through pirated websites is illegal, and they get blocked after a certain period. But, its owners keep changing its domain and rerelease the website with a slight change in its name. The following are some of the domains of the Filmy4wap website.

[movierulz tv]

[movierulz plz]

[movierulz ps]

[movierulz. com]

[movierulz proxy]


[movierulz apk]

[movierulz ds]

[movierulz vc]

[movierulz ds]

How to Download?

It is effortless to download movies through any website. You need to follow specific steps as shown below:

  1. Visit the official website Movierulz.
  2. Click the search button and enter the movie name.
  3. Once the movie loads, select the movie quality and click on it.
  4. Choose the resolution and click download.
  5. Once the timer ends, you will be able to download the full movie

Is it Safe to Download Movies?

4 movie facilitates the illegal download of copyrighted movies and television shows and hence, is unsafe to use. Pirated content is unlawful and puts users at risk of downloading malware and viruses to their devices. Using these websites may also result in legal consequences, including possible imprisonment and fines.

4 movie is illegal and hurts the people who make these movies and shows, the people who make them, and the industry that depends on them selling tickets. Instead, you might consider legally renting or streaming movies and TV shows. People also prefer to download movies through this website due to its best quality, no charges, and subtitles available in all languages.


Piracy involves the unauthorized distribution and sharing of copyrighted material, which is illegal and unethical. Respecting content creators’ intellectual property rights and supporting legal methods of accessing and enjoying their work is essential. We at Style Beauty Online never support downloading movies through piracy websites.

If you’re looking for ways to access content legally, numerous streaming platforms, online stores, and subscription services offer a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, books, and more. These platforms usually require a subscription or purchase, but they provide a legal and convenient way to enjoy the content you’re interested in.

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